Raiders beat Roosters

Have to give credit where it's due, that's a great against the odds win.

The point was made at full time that they simply took them on up the middle - whatever it was it worked

well done Canberra 

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  • If Parra played chooks tonight they would have smashed them.

    easts played a perfect game against us, but have been average since.

    • This

    • If we played like we did against the knights  roosters would of still beat us. 

  • Great result for us, if we win this week we'll be 3 wins clear from 4th, and it would require us to really stuff up to not make the top 4 from that position, particular with it being halfway through the season and with an ok run home.

    canberra played well but Can't remember the last time roosters played that bad. Most teams in the top 10 would've won when the opposition completes at 68% 

  • We played them up the middle and won.

    It was THAT 15 minutes wide that let us down. Teddy knocked out and staying down injured for 5-6 minutes gave them a reprieve after being under the pump for 20 minutes. If he didn't get injured, we have a big say in winning that game.


  • It was painful to watch all the Roosters players constantly appealing for penalties. They were relentless. It was like having a team of Cam Smiths.

    • Yep I noticed that too Elvis, and what about Morris? It was like he was auditioning for an acting role...

  • The Roosters haven't been great since they lost Radley. He gives their middle defence balls. 

    • I agree about Radley, Bob. He is the injured player they are going to miss most. He has always been an outstanding player but his form was sensational this season before he got injured. His attacking game gave the Roosters another point of attack and neither Nate Butcher, Isaac Liu or any other player on their roster will go anywhere close to providing what Radley had been delivering. Flanagan has a good kicking game, backs up very well and is a good link between the forwards and his outside backs but at this stage he doesn't initiate much in attack.

      Radley and South's Cam Murray emerged about the same time but I always thought that Murray's attacking skills gave him the edge over Radley. However, the young Rooster took his game to a higher level this year and would have seriously challenged for Murray's SOO position, you wouldn't play both of them in the same side.

      I think Radley's contribution was a major factor   in the Roosters brilliant early season form and I'm not sure yet if they can overcome his loss and still win the comp. I certainly hope they don't!

  • Any team that beats the Rooters and Storm I'm happy with.

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