Quiet here tonight

What's the matter with you lot????

jake Arthur plays well and you all shut the F**k up. 

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      • Hope we fucking smash the cunts tbh.

        I think after tonight we just might go alright.

        • I hope so to.. Rabbitohs have some of the smuggiest fans in the comp

      • I think the Rabbitohs have the potential to put a whole bunch of our players on show , just like they did when JA wasn't playing and we were virtually full strength. Those blackfellas play a brand of footy that don't sit well with our half arsed attitudes   I just hope that either way people are a little more observant to what the kid actually plays like and not what they decide he played like before a ball is kicked.  We will be needing Gutherson , Brown and our other senior players to stand up again otherwise it won't matter if JA plays like AJ , we will get lapped.  

        • One thing that stood out in BA's (really good imo) presser Wiz was the way he spoke about next weeks game.

          He mentioned how important it is to them as though he's set a challenge to the players, he obviously knows how big a mental hurdle South's are for us & really liked the way he spoke of it.

          Win or lose, I think we'll see the boys show a similar commitment & attitude to last nights. Let's hope we can tick this last challenge off the list & go into the finals knowing we can beat anyone.

  • The only thing we missed from Moses tonight was goal kicking and his running game everything else the young fulla did his job.

    Now what Jakob has to do is use this game as his floor/marker for his game every chance he gets this is his base line.

    • He's extremely slow for a 19 year old. 

      • Is he that slow? I think he just gives that illusion because he's so gangly - all arms and legs. I'd be interested to see what his top speed is on that tracker.

        • He reminds me of an exercise bike you peddle  like crazy but you don't go anywhere. 

  • We should all buy Garrick a beer because that battlers defense was gladly accepted he got embarrassed on the regular.

    • How about his attemp for Mika Sivos second try? Absolute GOLD!!

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