• Yes, but take your own knee pads and lip balm, the regulars probably wont have any to share.

  • No i dont think so. Pretty sure its only ok if you live far away from the training field. :)

  • Yes / No . 5 bucks each way ? 

  • A simple yes or no answer is too hard for everyone .

  • Ignore the smart are pricks. Of course you can watch the team train. You can actually train with them if you wish. Some may even share a line after training if you're lucky.  



    • Are all pricks smart? I never knew

      • One question at a time please. 

        • Sorry, there have been a few typos of late which have made me laugh but yours takes the cake.

          • Shut up Adam don't make an are of your self. 

  • Off course you just make sure you have the TCT lanyard around your neck.

This reply was deleted.

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