Pricky goes FULL Retard Jaeman Salmon

10752048481?profile=RESIZE_710xI've had history with that kid," Stuart said. "I know that kid very well. He was a weak gutted dog as a kid and he hasn't changed now.He's a weak gutted dog person now."


Starling was tackling Penrith's Jaeman Salmon when the Panther was seen to kick up with his boot right between the Raiders hooker's legs, landing Salmon on report and gifting Canberra a penalty.


"He's got the double whammy. One in the lunchbox and one on the chin," Fox Sports commentator and former NRL player Michael Ennis said of the incident.

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  • Did he coach him at parra ? Or crunulla?

  • Did he coach him at parra ? Or crunulla?

  • Will be interesting to see what the Canberra Raiders management think of Dickheads presser.

  • Loved Prickys comments and press conference. We should see more of this with coaches saying similar things...imagine BA saying the truth about Kaufusi and NAS from Melbourne...

  • I suspect Canberra and the NRL won't be happy with Ricky's comments but they can't really do anything about it but ask him to apologise. 

  • Sticky finished coaching the Sharks in 2010, JS would've been 11 at the time. 

    • Yeah but he probably still lived there up until he went back to Our Nation's Capital at end of 2013. So, if true, his son and Jaemon may still have been interacting until then so he maybe was 14 at most when Pricky and his family fucked off. Still a dopey kid 

      Whatever he may have done at that time is NIL excuse for the brain fart though. 

  • What if we call him a week dog for leaving parramatta.  And using his son for excuse to leave parra that's a dog act.

  •  This is one of the best sprays from a coach, he never fails to deliver on the entertainment value of his presser.

  • Ricky has painted the NRL into a corner with this. They will have to come down heavy on him, how can he think he could come out and make such comments and not get heavily sanctioned. The NRL would look I cr dimly weak to take this lightly. What a baboon.

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