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Is this about TPA's and money in paper bags or are we still not viewed by the players as one of the better clubs?  

How can the Knights and Sea Eagles be in the top 5?

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  • Why would anyone want to play for manly? I found it odd that jr. and klemmer didn't make the top 5 props. I think they are the best 2 props in the game 

  • I'd say it is simply about the location being near the beach for Manly. 

  • It's great to know we arent really rated by the competition yet. It will be at their own peril though.

    This TEAM, and I use that word in its truest sense, is exactly that, a top class TEAM. No super stars just talented individuals playing for each other.
    They are tough as they come, they play for one another and they never give up. I'm growing more confident about our chances with every passing week.

  • After reading the poll, I have a feeling it was submitted after a big Roosters win, hence the dominance.

    A couple of questionable results...

    • 8% said Adam OBrien was the best coach in the NRL
    • 7% said Feldt was the best winger
  • Of course it would be the Roosters. They have a magical ability to pay everyone more and yet remain under the mysterious cap.  Meanwhile the NRL ignore what everyone can see is wrong.  

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