Penrith are the team to beat.

Who watching the Panthers? Boy they are playing fantastic football, big quick outside backs, strong forwards, great in attack & defence. Smashing Canberra 24-0 at half time & Canberra ain’t playing bad, will we be ready for them? Who can stop them? 

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  • Eels will beat them.

    • They have only dropped one game & that was against the Eels. 

      • Did Api miss the game against us?

  • Sure are right now there executing at a high level.The question then becomes can they continue at this level for the entirety of the way.They look very good though no denying that.

    Everyone is doing there jobs and they are very stout defensively the only way to break them down is go through the middle of them and offloads there the key against Penrith.Offloads there to well organised to go round them with block plays.

    They are very connected there outside 4 defending.If you are attacking there I'd like to see the winger dropped under to try and find that lazy defender.

  • No one, not even the roosters 

  • They definitely are. Flawless execution in both attack and defence. Too quick, too big, too accurate. No one can go with them. 
    It's a long way until finals and they're certainly peaking right now. 

    • Totally agree with you mate, and the scary thing is, they have 5 players coming back from injury, imagine a FULL STRENGTH Panthers outfit.!!

    • This is not the winning end of the season


  • We can, if the team plays a proper full 80.

    • Agreed but we need to play the 80, then they'd be saying them same about Parra.

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