Parramatta Eels sign Bryce Cartwright (OFFICIAL)

The Parramatta Eels can confirm Bryce Cartwright has signed with the Club on a one-year deal.

Cartwright will commence training with the Club in time for the 2021 pre-season.

The 25-year-old made his NRL debut with the Penrith Panthers in 2014 before moving to the Gold Coast Titans in 2018.

Parramatta Eels General Manager of Football Mark O’Neill said, “We are excited to welcome Bryce Cartwright to the Eels.

“Since making his debut in 2014, Bryce has played over 100 NRL games as well as previously representing NSW City on two occasions. 

“Bryce is a unique talent having ball skills like few other forwards in the NRL competition. He will add size and skill to our forward pack and depth and quality to our overall squad.  

“Bryce was looking for an opportunity in Sydney and is keen to play under Brad Arthur and with our team at the Eels. 

“Like Bryce, we believe that through our coaching, quality playing roster and a balanced environment will bring the best out in him, something we are all committed to achieving in season 2021.”

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  • It's a fascinating experiment. He's a child prodigy, all the skills, big body and he's 25. If it comes off it could pay big. Not confident but there's really only upside here for Parra fans. 

    • Could not agree more Muttman, either a big hit or miss; I just hope he stays injury free and gets through the off-season. He could be the buy of the year if he stays fit, and has good stats and improves defence. One v good game in the early season could make his year! He is a big guy, and could be our X factor; and we forget he had a good season or two and went off rails. He could be our Kikau type of player, and I said could...

      • I see him as more of a Wade Graham type forward rather than a Kikau type forward.

        • He's another Feleti Mateo. A poor man's SBW. Could still be a big contributor.

      • I don't think he can be a miss for us really.

        Thee only risk we take is giving up a top 30 roster spot.

        Cap hit and years a minimal and the balls in Cartwrights court.

    • X2

  • Welcome officially to the eels Carty. I am looking forward to seeing how he goes. If he applies himself, and has a dig, we could be on a winner here. As has been discussed, he is really on his last chance with us, even though he is only 25. Hopefully his uncle gets in his ear. As we know, he was a good ball player. Carty has pace for a big guy too, and a bit of a short kicking game from memory, so he could be good for us. Here's hoping.

  • the carty party will be back in full swing good luck to him

  • Ive said it before, this will be a very astute buy. If he stays fit, he is in a for a big year for us. Of that i have no doubt. 

  • Who knows how this will play out, but I like the idea of a ball playing forward coming off the bench - when Jr finishes his stint the team goes through a flat period 

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