The Eels are preparing to launch an almighty bid for Brisbane forward Matt Lodge.

Off-contract at the Broncos, Lodge is eager to move back closer to where he was raised in Western Sydney.


Tough and hard-working, Lodge is exactly what the Parramatta pack is crying out for.

Watch for the Eels to offer Lodge a four-year multi-million dollar deal.

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  • Yer look what I’ve herd in the last hour that parramatta  is going all out to get him,Alvaro, Tim manahh, Evans are on the outer, and 1 more signing for next year

    • Remember how you said Lodge was not NRL standard before he came back to the NRL Scrawny! lol. Fail!!!!

  • Would ve a good pick up for the right price. No world beater but tough and thats what the Eels need.

    • Isn’t he a woman abusing fuckwit??

      • Yes but at least he doesn't quote the bible 

      • Not sure if he abused the woman but definitely kicked the door in on a couple and intimidated the pair in the own home don’t know the exact details but they called it a “rampage”

      • Nope mamj

        Just a fuckwit that can't hold his grog and can't fight for shit.






  • Shawny are you trying get me excited buy saying we letting go of Evans Mannah Alvaro n buying more players 

    • Your funny lol just what I herd

  • This reply was deleted.
    • He is exactly what we need!!! (with our side be prepared to pay overs for any profile player). Up to 650k for mine for as long as you can get!

      When beggars can no longer be choosers, we need to swallow our pride and buy what we can get. Once upon a time we would not have considered Ferguson. Lodge has done the right thing via Bronco's and he is maturing fast.

      I have no doubt as to his quality, as he is still likely to play origin this year. his price will rise as a result.

      Listening to Seibold talk, I think he will be very reluctant to let him go.

      Yes there is baggage, but sometimes (Parra times) we need to carry it!

This reply was deleted.

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