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Parra’s Greatest to have their own Stands at BankWest

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That would he the best way to do it but makes to much sense so don't see it happening
Where's Mack haha ?

As far as corporate naming goes BankWest isn’t too bad. Will always be Cumberland for me. I have no dramas or soccer for that matter but their supporters are naive thinking  a stand should be named after a player or coach. Wanderers have Called Parramatta home for 6 years which equates to less than 90 games. Insignificant compared to the Eels 70 year history. 

And that is 7 years to long. 

Sack The wankderers

i heard this on the radio the other day on Haderlys program Ken Thornetts 12 year old Great Grand niece his brother Johns Great ganddaughter wrote a letter asking if the Family name hopefully still be part of the new stands along with mighty Micks .Haderly said he would be taking the request up for her on her behalf with all concerned great effort by all concerned especially the 12yr old 

So theyre actually going to name the new multi million dollar stadium "Bankwest Stadium" what a disgrace! 

Bit too hard for you to process is it?

Why is that a disgrace Monto ?

You’re an idiot Monto
It is a disgrace! Corporate Rubbish! Though I admit its better than WSS. I wanted the leagues club to buy the rights so it could be called Parramatta Stadium’

And why would they do that Max, they already have the naming rights in big lights to the Leagues Club 100m away, there is zero commercial value in doing so.


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