The NRL have fined the Penrith Panthers $25K and suspended their trainer for the rest of 2021, after it was determined he breached the game’s rules when pausing play for Mitchell Kenny.
Under the NRL rules a trainer can request the referee to stop play if he believes a player is in danger, or needs attending to.
In this instance, the trainer had not conducted any form of medical diagnosis on Mitch Kenny and asked a touch judge to pause the game from the sideline.
It’s alleged this was intentional, as the Eels had momentum and were attacking the Panthers line. The pause gave Penrith a chance to reset their line & get 13 men back on the field.
Eels coach Brad Arthur was left very frustrated in the post game press conference and this news is likely to only frustrate him more.

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  • Wet lettuce leaf. 

    • Yup, doesn't how Parra in any way.

    • & gotten out of the compost bin

    • X1000. This game will always remain a blight on the Panthers, regardless whether they win the comp or not. There was a quote which the Panthers team and coaching staff might not have read which says - "It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game.” Hold your heads high Eels Team!

    • Absolute joke

  • So they've suspended this prick for a (effectively) a week, and fined a club that has close to a billion dollars of liquid and non liquid assets $25K?

    That'll teach'em.

  • $25k per stoppage? Totally worth it. 

  • $25k to save your game.... bargain

    Theyll do it every week if that's all it costs what a fucking circus the NRL is .... belted with a feather duster 

  • The touch judge should have told him to assess the player before telling ref to stop game.  Surely the touchie knows the rules and is also responsible but no talk about why he stopped game from advice when player in middle of field and trainer on sideline.  It was same touchie that missed Moses being held back as well

    • In all fairness, The touchie did have his money on Penrith. Thank god he didn't get the multi because he had Naiden to score first try.

This reply was deleted.

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