Well, with the only real game that matters this round already done and the Eels holding a handy for and against lead over the second place Knights they could very well finish the round in first position.

So this blog is essentially for any game discussions over this weekend.

Go nuts (not too nuts).

I'm sure there will be plenty of further discussion regarding referees and rule changes. 

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  • Even Henry Penerara looks like he can referee when he hasn't got a dog barking at his feet.

    Interesting when you watch other sides giving a legal shepherding style cover for the kick catcher  under the high kick......am I missing something as I cannot recall us (Parra) doing enough to protect our catcher's this way ???

    The other thing that cannot be judged is the physcological positive that referrees must feel by having the control of the game and not worrying about the pocket ref and what he was going to do to put his slant on things..... I think this is the most understated/misunderstood  aspect of why the game  looks so much better.....because it is being orchestrated.....you can't have two conductors at a symphony, at least at the same time!

    • Ha ha pop I was just thinking the same thing about Perenara and also totally agree about the refs finding the confidence to being control without a 2nd ref.

  • Bunnies are about to get absolutely smashed 

  • This will be a typical Roosters game.... no fans at the ground. 

  • I think the b7nnies may get blown off the park tonight. Roosters specials by a big margin

  • I didn't see the cowboy v titans game but I think the refereeing in the roosters v Souths game was different to our game on Thursday. It looked to me like roosters were getting away with heaps in the ruck.

    • That's what I  thought. Still it's  rules for some and not others. The rooster supporter on this site always claims that parra get a leg up with the draw yet his own team have been getting  a leg up for the past 20-30 years but that's  OK nothing to  see here! 

  • When is the Wimmenz Netball coming back?

  • Who’s your pick? Raiders or Storm. This could be who we play in the grand final. I’m thinking Storm in a tight one.

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    • Big 


      belly laugh !!!!!!!!

      canadian bites the dust 

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