• What did we do with the cap space afforded by Waqa Blake's exit? Has it been swallowed up with upgrading existing talent? If not, we should have a bit to spend...

            • Straight into Moses and Browns sky rockets mate .  Word around the circles is that Moses has very short arms and very long pockets too .  Does not like parting with it .  Hence why the negotiations took so long . Maybe Moses was a Jew after all. 

              • Of course he was a don't think God would have given the 15 commandments to any old you!

                  • LOL.... Trust you to pick up that one Tragic......Hey Sluggy rang me this morning, he has found the Foxtel Library and is in Paradise.

                    • I have Netflix added to my Foxtel  no charge. like I said it's like the all you can eat buffet at Caesars Palace.

                  • Ha , top movie. 

          • Probability says we are broke .  We've been vocal about  needing players such as these but have failed to sign any of them .  It doesn't take Einstein to come to the conclusion that we have not been able to offer enough money . We are either in negotiations to land an Addo Carr or we are offering centrelink money . 

            My bet is that we are trying to land a JAC and will fail there and go into the season yet again with a gaping hole and spend the first half of the season trying to sign rejects that can't get a run at their respective clubs and likey miss them too . 

  • I think we are focused on a winger which is understandable.

    • Speed and/or ability to play Fullback is what we are looking for in a Winger.

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