• If we had no interest in other quality centres/wingers ie Bradman Best, Conner Tracy, Olam(the first time), JAC et al or for that matter Scott,  why would we now put our hat in the ring on some heresay that its fallen through at the tigers.....we need to realise as fans that the club is a two bit organisation with no strategy or plan.........

    If they are planning to promote from within why not tell the fans ??  we are honestly scratching our heads each time a quality centre/winger becomes available and Parramatta recruitment all you hear is crickets......sick of this shit

    • Have you heard the saying loose lips sink ships.

      Yes it can be frustrating not knowing the clubs strategy around certain things.

      But if your in the business of getting competitive advantage across the board it does the club no good spreading there news letting the whole world know what there doing.

      • Loose lips sink ships?

        What about... A decent signing and we'll stop whining?

        • What about there's a new team in the comp and there's a lot more sides with more cap and more TPA pulling power than us.

          Loose lips sinks ships you don't spread your recruitment or any other sought of information about how your building your team to anyone.There's a reason why the club keeps quiet in negotiations around players why do you think that is ?

    • Parra Greg, no one knows who is being offered what. We are after talent but they still got to be useful. 

  • We should've chased him first time instead of signing a very average centre like Harper.

    • How do you know we didn't BEM? 

    • We likely only had the cap space for a very average centre. They don't all cost the same amount you know

      • No shit sherlock.

        Didn't know you are privy to our cap situation. 

        • But you are obviously? How do you know we've got cap space for all these players who are available? Come on smartarse

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