Offer on the table for Mahoney


THE EELS are hoping to secure boom hooker Reed Mahoney on a long-term deal. Eager to avoid another Clint Gutherson-style contract saga, the club has put a top-dollar offer on the table to keep the No.9.

Mahoney is touted as a future Queensland Origin rake and Parramatta want to secure his signature before he becomes a free agent for 2021 on November 1. We have been told the offer is in excess of $300,000 a year.

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      • Well the Warriors need a hooker, the Cowboys too given how much Granville has dropped off, Knights do as well. So there are clubs that would be in the market. Obviously Reed isn't available until this time next year for them.

        Brown, I'd be happy to sign him on $400K. He's a talented half and that is essentially a multi-year million dollar deal that most other clubs would be hesitant to try and beat. Again, we have to be careful not to pay stupid money for "potential" but still table a fair offer that gives Brown what he's worth with room for him to steadily increase his pay packet.

        • Yes its about balance, I'm not sure why these players are doing no more than just talking at this point or maybe the players are not at all. They can still wait for mid season or later if they want to back themselves.

          Super, do you remember Dylon's back injury memory was basically that he had a hemotoma that broke up and that it was more precuationary than anything else to let it rest, especially given his age and newness to NRL.

          My guess is he may have bruised it again during the nines and again from a precautionary point of view he didn't play again. The reason I bring this up are that some of the people on here are looking at a structural or weakness you see it the same as me and do we have any medical opinions to say otherwise.

          • So according to NRL Physio he didn't have a haematoma. A haematoma is essentially a large bruise due to an impact. Think your shin coming out in a big bruise if you get kicked in it.

            Dylan had "hot spots" on his spine. These are warning signs of a possible stress fracture in the future. I'm not a medical professional, but from my understanding is that these types of injuries come from over use over an extended period of time. We see them a lot in fast bowlers due to the amount of force that go through large amounts of stress on their backs and large impacts.

            Stress fractures can be a result of a range of issues from technique problems through to issues with certain alignments or muscle weakness in the surrounding area. The club, from the looks of it, provided the best treatment for that injury, which was rest and recovery. It's basically all you can do.

            I'd imagine they'll monitor Dylan's workloads over the pre-season and aim to improve the strength in his lower back and glutes which studies have shown to reduce the likelihood of a range of lower limb injuries. At his age he's most at risk of these injuries as he's still growing.

            • Thanks for the info re hotspots Super.....I knew what a haemotoma was and that was the last I heard of it in his case. I am more than familar with stress fractures with fast bowlers, can't really imagine something similar in a RL player other than too many weight repetitions.

              Interesting to know the diagnosis on this from a long term point of view. One things for sure our people are in the best position to judge the seriousness of it, hopefully it may cool down a few of the chasers.

            • Super, I don't reccolect any of the issues with Dylan were deemed hot spots rather they were what you indicate as being stress fractures, I have said pretty much the same as you regarding his off season training where the condition will be monitored very closely. I don't know how they may help but often the Thermo Skin stomach/back wrap round may help him as they can absorb some impacts and protect the back, especially the spinal area.

              I had a specialist skeletal brace made for me to wear when my discs first were givin me problems, I don't believe it helped me but a muscular skeletal specialist I had in Taree reccomended one of the wrap rounds, while it did not fix the back, only surgery did that, but the amount of  relief I got from the skin was great.

              If he could wear one at training it could help him thing is though they are also an insulation item that helps generate warm around that region, with summer coming on, not sure that it would be overtly comfortable on hot days.

              There are good strength and conditioning exercises that are very much designed by Physio's and other specialists especially the Nuero Surgeons who work on nerves and strengthening the spine along with preventing disc problems, and watch for early degeneration there.

        • You're dreaming if you think we'll get Brown's signature for $400K. He will command significantly more than that and rightly so. 

          • I would have thought he'd be looking at 750k, and if he performs he could well be looking at an upgrade on top of that.. 

            • These guys are already contracted for our next season, of course they can talk to others now.

              That's where my pricing is coming into, this coming season.....wrapping them up for longer may bring much higher numbers if they go for the long haul?

              Am I on the right track or am I missing something? They may choose to negotiate after June next year for what they think they will be worth.

              • My understanding is that you are worth what someone is prepared to pay. I reckon if Brown placed himself on the open market there would be a number of clubs, who are on the lookout for halves, who would pay 750 plus no problem at all. 

                ALL young players are signed on potential, it's just a matter of how much potential you reckon they have and what the odds are of them achieving it. It's always a gamble.

                The other option is to try and sign him for less than market value, but I've never seen that work out well in the medium/long term..

                • Unfortunately you're right Cosmo. The fact is the Warriors were wiling to offer him 600k per year before he had played a single NRL game.

                  How much more are teams now willing to pay him having played 15 NRL games and made his international debut, and looked so at ease having done so ?

                  750K is not out of the question.

                  It's a matter of supply & demand, and the supply of talented, calm, assured young halves is very short, and the demand very long.

                  And he has answered the question that he can play at this level. For the likes of the Warriors, Broncos, Titans, Knights, Dragons, Cowboys and even the Raiders, would it really be much of a gamble ?

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