Offer on the table for Mahoney


THE EELS are hoping to secure boom hooker Reed Mahoney on a long-term deal. Eager to avoid another Clint Gutherson-style contract saga, the club has put a top-dollar offer on the table to keep the No.9.

Mahoney is touted as a future Queensland Origin rake and Parramatta want to secure his signature before he becomes a free agent for 2021 on November 1. We have been told the offer is in excess of $300,000 a year.

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  • The signing saga for both DBrown and Mahoney really amounts to how long and how much. Both have great skills but who will go on to be the best out of them? which in some ways given their ages and experience is a bit hard at the moment. Brown really does not have anyone in reserves breathing down his neck at the moment but what could cruel him is his back and hopefully he starts next year and plays every game without any further problems.

    Mahoney for basically a first year player with some game time in 2018. He has shown he is up to the task given him, and he does it well, I agree he should be looking at his attack areas but, there are areas that he does show that now, especially tries from dummy half and more than a few darts from dummy half, I would think his main competitor is Scheider but I don't see him getting to the top for a couple more years yet, owing to injuries in the past couple of seasons.

    How much and how long. Brown is worth a bit more in both areas, he's still here next year as is Mahoney and both are wanted by the club, but have they shown enough at this stage to be offered enough from opponents? that's an unknown at this point of time.  My thoughts are that Mahoney should be offered around the $250-320K mark for extra 2 years, and upgrade into that same range for 2020.

    Brown is another matter, aside from his back problems which hopefully are/will be resolved as he ages and gets strengthening work on it, should attrack more money and perhaps a 3 year extension, with upgrade next year and $300-400K a year at this point of his career.

    In some ways those amounts might be a bit on the high side though based on their experience but how they are playing tends to show up they are worth more and need to be retained.  I would not be surprised though to see an announcement on that by the end of the month along with MJ's new contract signing.

    • Barring injury Jake Friend from the chooks will play 9 for QLD in 2020. Then it will be Turpin and Mahoney in 2021, i also think Mahoney will be a Friend style number 9, which is a good thing. Also Reed will make the 20 QLD train on squad which will build his game confidence. Reed certainly didn't look out of place in the junior roos, he is a keeper, more so than D Brown. At this stage.

      D Brown iam still not 100% sold on. What game time he got in the 9,s comp he wasn,t a stand out, think he had back issues which is a worry.  I'd like to see him come out in 2020 and turn potential into game performance,s before Parra start offering big dollars, right now his a 250k footballer, end of 2020 he might be a 500k footballer, or 400k. 

      Now this is just my opinion Reed has proven his value to the Eels Dylan has proven his potential ya don,t pay good dollers for potential but upgrde there contracts when they show what they can do.

      • You are aware Dylan Brown is 19 yeh? And Reed Mahoney is 21 with a full season under his belt? Of course Mahoney is going to look more comfortable, he's got more first grade experience.

        I don't think it's a coincidence that we looked a lot better side with Brown at 5/8 than anyone else. 

        It really depends on the way QLD go next season. They may opt for youth at hooker given they are clearly in a rebuilding phase and Friend will be 30 by the start of next season. The issue for Friend is, as you said, his injury history.

      • Graham you never learn do you, basically you have no idea, your subjective opinion about their present ability is just that and you have every right to express it. But when it comes to potential you don't understand that many with vision will take a different approach to your clinical one. Do you really think other clubs/managers/media are going to ride along with your approach to mediocrity. They will busting to get their hands on them.

        We will have to pay premiums for both of these players for them to stay with us. The balance in that decision is the comfort and loyalty in them staying with the known and the adventure of a get rich offer from someone that doesn't have the known. 

        These players especially Brown (the one you dont rate) could be offered something rediculous. In another year where Broncs aren't trying to digest the best 2 young forwards in the game, they could have come out and blown an offer  we could not hope to match...... Why they are desperate for a half..... think laterally what does every half in the game need to go forward.....yes have it!......our pack is looking good.....Broncs pack is ominous! Brown would turn them into world beaters and make himself one at the same time.

        How lucky are we having Moses and Brown!

        Personally I rate Brown every bit as good as Thurston at the same stage (maybe better)....will it turn out that way...who knows? But the risk is worthwhile why you have him in your back pocket.....

        The problem with you Graham is you only see these players now and not their potential.....this was shown up to you on a number of occasions during the season just gone.....sit back and start thinking about where these players might be in two seasons time as against where they might not be. If you never ever go you will never ever know!

        • Poppa read before ya write, you see DB as a future star, i have my reservations. First i would like to see how he performs and how his back holds out in 2020.

          And as STATED IF he goes alright with game and back, offer 4/500k, and upgrades if needed.JT hit his straps around 25, DB is 19, 

          I hope DB forefills ya dreams, but a lot of 19 year olds have had potential and faded and they didn't have a serious back problem as DB has. 

          As super said strength training may improve his back, having had 2 stress fractures in my back from playin leauge it can also deteriorate and there goes ya career.

          So there are a few hurdles Dylan needs to jump over before he is anywhere near JT, i for one hope he succeeds. 

          • But your reservations are always going to be that way Graham, that's why you don't back a winner, you have to have a punt to understand that.

            Its not my dreams he will be fullfilling Graham it will be "ours" but I have seen a lot more 19 year olds with potential not make it than you have, that's why I am so impressed with this bloke.

            With regard to the prices being paid, you thought I was over the top, did you notice anguillidie and krams after mine.

            PS Hot spots are a long way from actual stress fractures, just a warning sign. I suspect you must have been a pig Graham if they stopped you playing. No pun intended!

            • What a dumb statement, you have to punt to understand potential. Not my dream pal, I'll wait till he plays a full season before i put my dreams on him.maybe if you knew how to punt you wouldn't have to rely on others to tip ya winners Stephan. Ya Joke.

              • Any one can back Winx Graham, what price did you get before you decided she was a champion. You will wait a full season before putting your dreams on him, how much are your dreams worth Graham, I suspect your loaded with them. 

                When you do punt Graham I assume you look for value, what you are saying at the moment is he (Dbrown) is not worth punting on. About half this site, probably more made the same comments about Moses for the past couple of years.....what price is he now Graham? You on yet?

                Finally Stephan won at 30/1 I don't give a stuff if others gave me the information to back it! I also said I had a small bet on it and it got me out of trouble, maybe one of those value exercises? The Amazing thing is you are rubbishing me after I backed it and it won and I am still a dickhead!.......... Ca La Vie!


  • It wouldn't surprise me if we re-signed him at $300K and if he were to play Origin next year he suddenly signs a new deal with us at an increased price.

    • Whilst i suspect we will not pay anymore than 350k (hopefully less) I think Brown might end up at 400+ and a series of KPI's.

      Can't imagine any of the big sides paying up big dollars and slotting him (Reed) straight in. Whereas I could see someone going for broke with Brown.....I hope he is well managed/advised.

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