NRLW Eels, how excited are we all to see how it goes?

Is there general excitement for the Eels to be in NRLW? i can say myself over the years i have watched a few NRLW games, honestly it is fine though i would not say i am a massive fan, but same as im not a massive fan of watching QLD cup footy, or Ron Massey, i am interested in NSW cup due to Wenty in past and other teams that effect their position for example. Do not take it as sexist, just the season is short and by the time the season starts the main NRL season is nearing the end and i am more focused on wanting to watch the end of the season for finals. Though the quality has ramp up more and more as the years and amount of games and opportunities have arisen

Though, now Parramatta have entered a team then i will be interested in seeing how we go, they will be the game before first grade in round 1 so there will be buzz around the stadium for a start of a new season anyway but it will good for the ladies and hopefully pick up a win. Has Parramatta adding a NRLW team added excitement? or have your interest in NRLW dropped or is it exactly the same.

Though i probably will not be watching much of the NRLW unless Parramatta are playing, having them start the year before the men is perhaps the kind of kick into gear the competition needs to gain more interest quicker, it is a league that is getting more attention each year, but since this will be the only actual footy on for a few weeks it could be a good outcome for the code. No matter what age group or team or competition, if there is a team named Parramatta Eels then every Parramatta will be watching hoping for a win.

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  • I like it and not just for the eye candy.  (Sorry ladies).

    Women actual play the game and don't bitch and moan about every referee decision. You rarely see all the women rushing up to the ref after a try is scored or penalty awarded to say look at this and look at that. Although last year with the 6 again we didn't see this as much.
    You also get less niggle and bullshit that the guys do each tackle and less wrestling. 
    It reminds me a lot of the 80s and 90s. Yes it may not have the same skill level as men's but geez they can pull of some decent hits and there skill levels are improving each year.

    • The thing is Browny, they sort of have to play that way to set an impression. They have to show those who are watching that they can match similar intensity as the men. Now it will never be the same due to genetics but they will make sure it is most a femal sport can give in terms of contact.

      Though i have not been overly observant of NRLW over the years, i give them credit for going all out considering the money they recieve for playing compared to the men.

  • LB I am annoyed by the media hype now given to a fairly recent ( branch ?) of an Australian icon sport historically played by men now played by women. My pet hate is that females who have played little if any junior league make up teams portraying "gladiators" , compare with our male footballers with playing skills many developed from kindergarden age . I imagine more girls are playing juniors now , so in the future my view might change however deep down I prefer women playing non physical sport ( it starts with women boxers - it's frightening imagining women throwing punches on the footy field ) .

    • I think its crap and bullshit .go and play bloody netball or what ever but leave league alone. Iwont be watching the crap . Did somebody say KFC. Idont care

    • Yeah i could see that, in the sense that the women's game is shoved down our throats alot, where i am a believer of having it stand on it's own feet, if it is what the consumer wants in a sports code then it will find its place on its own and not from the media and NRL shoving it in our face saying "isn't this great? it's fantastic isn't it?"

      I think NRLW is getting there year by year but let the consumer decide if we want to watch it or not.

    • Women have been playing rugby league in Australia since 1921. It's just they've been amateur the entire time. Now they are semi-professional.

      • My kids grew up in a country town where league and Union and soccer were popular . One local girl played league and in an all boys side however she was not permitted to play from when she was the age to play under 14 years . Never ever in my life have heard of a girls junior rugby league team however noting I lived in regional areas 1995 - 2017 . Was it different in Sydney and suburbs ? 

      • And your piont is

      • Super , the girls may have been playing the game here and there , but let's not try to give the perception it was even close to organised amateur comps.  It's like saying there's an amateur marbles playing comp in Australia . I'm sure it exists somewhere , but if you parachute it into the professional world it does not mean it belongs there just because it's scarcely scattered around the country. 

        • Wiz youd be suprised just how elite the womens comp was in 1921.

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