• I think if we finish top 4 he is a big chance but you watch Stuart get it the media seem to be frothing over the raiders and in the same breath won’t give us a mention

  • LOLL!

    • What’s funny Snake? He deserves the recognition.

  • If he can get us to the top 4 and win at least one Finals game, then yeah he’d be in the conversation 

  • Top 4 and deep in the Finals then maybe. 

    Bellamy is the best Coach in the NRL and deserves that award. 

    • Give Bellamy the Titans and then talk him up!!! Same goes for Bennett, both coaches are way overrated!!!! seriously how many premierships has Bellamy won 2 legitimately in 15 years. Don't even get me started with his representative record absolutely appalling.

      Brad will win more with parra in a shorter period of time starting with 2019 and then be the first coach to go back to back to back f...k Bellamy


  • You said it right there. Dead last last year. Does that sound like a coach of the year. A good coach shows consistency. BA is yet to show that.

    • 3 wins does not cover for a full season of losses

      • It’s coach of this year not coach of the last few years. What happened last year isn’t relevant except as an indicator of where he was starting from. Having said that he would need to have us finishing top 4. If they award coach of the year to anyone who doesn’t finish top 4 they are kidding. Really except in unusual circumstances it should just go to the minor premiers coach in my view. 

        • Hahah exactly

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