NRL 2021 Draw

Few rumblings on social media that we will play the Broncos in Round 1 next year, Friday night at Suncorp Stadium

 Full draw is out on Thursday apparently 

Anyone else heard of any potential draw leaks involving us?


EDITED: Initial leak suggested the game was at BankWest Stadium, it's at Suncorp Stadium. 

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                  • Agreed HKF, Barrett had a decent team at Manly and failed. I still am not convinced it will work; v different to being assistant to head coach. C'bury have backed him which is good....will be interesting.

                • Yeah, Barrett did really well at Manly, with argualbly a better roster there than what he has now. 

                • Still doesn't have the cattle

                • What price are you prepared to take, Monto?

                • Dogs have more issues than Manly did when he was there and that was a failure 

          • I still don't see the Dogs getting out HoF the bottom 4 though. They've made a lot of recruitment noise but they really haven't improved their roster significantly.

            I don't think the Broncos will get the spoon again, the Kevvie emotional effect will be enough to avoid it again at the very least, but I still don't see them as anything more than mid table mediocrity at best.

            My tip for the spoon is the Cowboys, they'll get a bump from Todd Payten, but that can't change the fact that their roster is simply bad, and JT13's heavy contract is now becoming an anchor for them, especially when you add in the bloated contracts of Morgan & Holmes. They've also lost a talented young playmaker in Jake Clifford. 

            • Surely you jest Brett, there's a few on here that want to sign Payten, he's a Supercoach now apparently and BA couldn't tie his shoelaces!!!!

              Haas has gone backwards at a rate of knots, he's becoming a "looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane". They are seriously talking about having Milford as Captain - I wouldn't have him in the team!!! Fifita was their most damaging forward and he's gone, Staggs was about the only bloke in the backline that looked dangerous every time he touched the ball and he's going to be out for probably half the year, they are now talking about having Albert Kelly as the starting 7. They had plenty of chances after Siebold left and probably went worse, if that's possible, than how they were going while he was there. They've got some good young forwards, but instead of this year being a learning curve for them I think they are scarred. All it will take is any team they are playing to take them on through the middle for the first 10 or so and they might just fold, they looked that fragile at the end of the year and I just can't see the forward leadership there that is going to change that.

              • I thought Tom Dearden was something they could work with, now they are looking at Albert Kelly. Oh well, glad it's them and not us...

                • Kelly ahead of Deardon - GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Kevvie.

                  Shows why Blues won 2 straight.

                  Broncos won't do a great deal because Kevvie is almost (literally) killing them at training already.

                  Young blokes collapsing from heat exhaustion at training, but Kevvie just keeps pushing them.

                  Jake Turpin is another who is not being mentored, or seen as part of their future - Kevvie has spent too many hours out in the harsh sun without wearing a hat.

                  • Turpin is a gun, he's a great little player. I'm interested to see what Kevvie does with McCullough back there from his loan to the Knights. He's taking up $600K odd of the salary cap, so you'd think Kevvie is going to play him somewhere. If Turpin is left out in the cold someone is going to be able to pick a a very good young hooker who can also fill in at 6 or 7 if required.

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