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Norman talks about Hayne - ‘Hope he pulls his finger out’

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Norman just keeps the caps out of your ass and we will be fine

I’m going to predeict right here right now that Norman will be lucky to be in Eels colours by seasons end . 

cory has hada rocket from brad , no doubt,and kenny edwards too, too have said little sense the returned to preseason training.

look  seems the press trying to bait cory and put a huge wedge between cory and hayne..

As Mack said earlier - it's just shit stirring. We all do it and love it :)

Like in that video Corey put out mid late last season where he was in a cafe with Hayne and they were putting shite on each other. Corey said to Hayne something like "I hope the Titans kept their receipt" - classic stuff..

Its probably there to motivate Hayne. Judging on his performances of late, he needs motivating.

And hereth lies the problem . A guy who’s been thrown a lifeline by the club he walked out on and then shite on when he returned needs motivation to play for said club . 

Ffs, Hayne speaks about himself in the third person. He is his own number one fan and he'd still say the same thing.


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