No Smith, No Munster, no worries.

Roosters have no answers tonight, Storm relentless despite thier two best missing. How will the Eels go next week? Anybody starting to get nervous? Will be our biggest test this year, full strength against depleted Storm.If we win they will say Storm were under strength, if we lose it is a huge blow psychologically and our hopes for minor premiership dashed.

BTW .I FKN hate the Storm more than any other team.

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  • Im really impressed with this storm, without cam Smith they are cap compliant which is a nice change also making the roosters look very ordinary - we are in for tough game next week  at least we get real gauge as to where we stand in the race to the title. 

    • The Storm work no matter who's in their team, their whole game revolves around relentless line speed especially early in sets , kick pressure , kick chase and pressuring playmakers .

      Wait for a mistake then play a little more expansive but earn the right first. If your not prepared to give it back to them in equal measure you'll get rolled.

      The one percenters perfectly executed is what they base their program on. You stick it to them early in halves and pressure them back and their weaknesses appear like every other side.

      • Agree the storm have perfected the basics of the game coupled with effort, constant pressure they haven't skipped a beat without Can Smith they looked more dangerous which is a surprise I didnt see it coming. The other point is Bellamy has a  coachable group of players, Hughes is underrated same with Brandon Smith - like you said if we bring a physical game to the storm for 80 minutes we can win we should that in a final in 2017 

      • Yeah I thought theire 2nd half was pretty ordinary tbh. The Roosters started to get back into the arm wrestle and Jahrome Hughes really struggled to maintain control of the game.

  • Based on our last few weeks, we are no chance. Sorry, but that is the truth.

  • They have a great pack, lots of offloads tonight.Fire with fire might be the only hope.

  • Roosters missing Cordner, JWH, Crichton,  Radley, Flanagan,  B Morris and Toupou  and keep dropping the ball.

    I hope Smith and Munster are back next week,  we need to beat them at full strength,  take the challenge on don't hope to avoid it, time to start being big boys.

    • I hope they think they can afford to rest the 2 Cameron's next week based on this win. The roosters have been well and truly outplayed, but gee they're missing some fire-power. We have no Junior, Matto, Lane, Brown, Fergo and Jennings and we make excuses for losing!!!


    • HKF you're  one  the few on here who has  standards,  parra need to beat the storm at full strength or they will go into the finals without beating the two elite teams and it will be a big mental hurdle to overcome.


      BA is the only coach out of the main coaches  who has never beat the storm or chooks at full strength and Moses is the the only 7/6 out of the the ones who will be in the 8  who has never performed against the Storm or chooks. 



      • They are definitely a cut above the rest . Arrogant .pricks

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