New Best player in the game??

According to NRL journalist Buzz Rothfield Keary an Cleary are the best players in the world, overtaking James Tedesco.


Personally, I believe Nathan Cleary is probably playing the best footy out of everyone, but it doesnt mean he is the best player in the world. To hold this accolade you have to be performing above everyone for a couple years not just 14 games. Secondly, Cleary hasnt proved himself yet in any finals series. While he played origin, he just did his job in those games rather than be a key player. In my opinion Cameron Smith is still the best player in the game as much as I hate him. They way he manages his fowards close to the try line and than play second receiver is incredible.  Followed by him are Cameron Munster and Tom Trobjevic (when fit) and than Keary and Tedesco. I believe Munster does everything Keary can do, but has more x-factor in his running game. Not taking anything away from Keary as well, the players around him make him look better than he truely is (still one of the best players in the game IMO though). From Trobjecvic and Tedesco, I believe Tedesco has a better tackle breaking ability however Trobjevic passing game, aerial ability and try saving tackles are superior than Tedesco. 



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  • Would have been Gareth jock if we signed him earlly, still waiting.

  • Keary, Kleenex  , cleary, Klingon who gives a a flying f*#%  !  About  these  " any cock al do " rooters  7385527859?profile=RESIZE_584x7385631687?profile=RESIZE_584x

  • Cameron Smith

    end of story

    not that I'm happy about that

  • Right now - Nathan Cleary is the best player in the NRL. 

    Next would be Keary, Smith and Weighton (in no particular order).

    But form is a fluid thing. Who knows whether he will still be the best player in 4 weeks or so.  

    • That may appear so because Penrith is the best team in the NRL as we speak..... but back in the land of the blind, he with one eye is KIng..... until someone with two eyes turns up.

      Lets not go off too early on the annointments, as you could say it changes every week, based on individual performances.

      What does the Dally M table tell us, based on the last known results and adding in some likely's.

      • The Dally M board is misleading in the case of Cleary. He has been docked 6 points.

        I don't think my comments are premature. He has hands down been the Panthers best and they have won their last 8 games, beating Melbourne, Raiders, Bunnies, Tigers, Sharks and Manly in convincing fashion. 

        I also prefaced my comments with "right now" and ended with the rider "form is fluid"...not much more you can do than use appropriate words to convey precisely what you intend. 

        • Johnny of course your comments are premature.....right now.....Cleary was out injured, came back and is playing behind a forward pack that can do nothing wrong.....he is just a naughty boy....certainly not Jesus.

          PS Why was he docked 6 pts in the Dally M.....was it deserved? Yes lied on the Tik Tok scandal on two seperate occasions.....can have a player with that sort of reputation being rated the best in the world.Lol

          Don't worry JBG I'm taking the piss!

  • Old beetroot cheeks wouldn't know shit from rotten rope. Tedesco and Munster are the pick of the bunch.

  • Could  Queensland even assemble a quality side this year?  NSW may need to lend them some players to stay competitive. Otherwise they need to call it off. I keep saying I like my footy fair. Just a suggestion. 

    • I don't remember QLD giving us those sorts of reprieve when they won 8 series in a row! Mind you, there are plenty of QLD players in teams that are doing well. In fact Melbourne are basically a QLD team anyway.

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