This morning on Big Sports Breakfast, Gutherson was doing his weekly interview with the panel and regards to JA, basically said for the fans to deal with it, as he will most likely be in the 17 for the rest of the season.

Ok fans you heard the man, suck it up!!

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  • Think we will run 4 forwards this week 

    • We should Trent, Makatoa, Kaufusi, Niukore, Rodwell should be the bench. If being realistic.

      • Sounds about right LB

        • 3 middles and a back-rower who can also play centre and in the middle if needed. Done, perfect. Fisher-Harris, Yeo, Leota, Martin and Kikau are going to tire our forwards early on, better to have 4 forwards to rest RCG, Matto and Paulo and give them a good 25min stint to finish the game in the 2nd half.

          But there has to be 5mins to put JA on i guess.

          • Why do you need four bench forwards to rest three? How many minutes are Paulo, RCG and Matterson going to sit on the bench? If they only average 50 minutes each that's only 90 minutes (3 x 30) you need to cover from the bench. You could have Niukore and Kaufusi play 45 minutes each and you've covered your middle rotation with two bench guys. The more bench players you use the fewer minutes everyone gets to play.

            • Well in case one of them get hurt pretty much, if one gets hurt through the middle you need to give a break to the one that is covering that player.

              • So that's why you have three instead of two.

  • Well that's encouraging. 

    The only way we won't see the name J. Arthur in the 1st grade squad is when we don't see the name B. Arthur as the head coach.

This reply was deleted.

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