Most depressing town you’ve visited

As many here would know I’ve been in Goulburn all week for family reasons, and to be fair my reasons for being here have probably influenced my feelings in the subject, but I have never been to a more depressing town in my life. It’s cold, windy, grey & miserable and I can’t wait to be out of here this time tomorrow.

So putting it out there, what places have you been to that you just wanted to take an enormous dump on before you left ?

The only other places that rival Goulburn for me are Monto & Invercargill. 

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  • Sydney 

    • LOL Driza I was going to say the same thing. It's a concrete jungle, everyone is always in a rush to get somewhere.

    • Brett Lives here In QLD . As do I ATMO as a temporary thing,

      Lets name all the BumFCUK, KnuckleDraggers and Just plain out strange up here. We'll be here all month,

      Goulburn is cold in winter....NO SHIT SHERLOCK

      • It’s not the cold per se, it’s the wind. The only wind I’ve experienced stronger was in Bluff down in the bottom tip of the South Is of NZ, and that’s coming straight off the bloody Southern Ocean. 

        • That’s why Goulburn became famous for its merino wool . The fleece was that thick to protect the poor animals . 

          • I can believe it

  • Lithgow at the foot of the mountains freezing cold, one side of town is all housing Commission made up of old fibro houses first built for miners many years ago.sun always seems to set early behind the mountains making it dark early too. Best restaurant is maccas!

    • The one saving grace here in Goulburn at the motel we’re staying at it has a really nice authentic Italian restaurant. Had a lovely meal there last night with a nice Red. 

      • Goulburn is a hole though too. I stayed there once though and there was a surprisingly good steak house at the hotel.

    • Lithgow made me laugh and reminded me of the time we drove there with a greyhound from Sydney to try and get an easier win. When it was time to let the greyhound out, it was that cold that our greyhound flat out refused. We’d driven all that way and 2 of us had to force our dog out of the Needless to say we didn’t get that easy win we were after and never returned.

      Lithgow gets my vote!

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