Parramatta’s chief playmaker Mitchell Moses has reporedly taken up the option in his contract for 2022 — and in an even bigger boost for the club he’s set to extend for a further three seasons beyond that.

Moses had until this round to make a call on whether he’d take up the option or not. The Australian’s Brent Read is reporting the 26-year-old has taken up that option and will also sign a new deal with the club.

“I’ve got some breaking news, it was option day for Mitchell Moses — he’s got an option in his contract for next season,” Read told Triple M.

“It’s my understanding that not only will he take up that option but will now extend his deal with Parramatta for at least three seasons.

“So that’s the word that’s coming out of Parramatta on Mitchell Moses.”




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      • Its going to be interesting who goes & who stays.  We have 13 off contract end of year, and 3 development players, one at 26 from across the ditch, the 2 from within, those two have been in the eels system for 3 years so far. Fergs is very much in the bulls eye to be let go, & even if Waqa can fix his game, , which I doubt very much he needs to be given the option to leave.  with 13 off contract, I doubt many of them will remain, especially those over 26-27

        • One of matterson or lane, possibly even both, will be casualties of re-signing moses, Brown and eventually gutho.

          • Interesting as Lane still has next year contracted and Matto and option in his favour. Lanes better when off the bench and playin prop, been vg the last few weeks.

            • I have been calling for that move since the back end of last season,  I expect next season to be the last for one or both, if not sooner.  If it was up to me matterson would be the one to go.

              • He's on decent coin aswell with them going with Brown for another 2 Lane resigned until the end of next year and the same with Papalli'i end of next season.

                Interesting times I would love to see a back row of Papall'i Nuikore and Brown.Cartwright being the ball playing/running 14 off the bench specialist.

                Leaves Lane Matto Hipgrave to fight out the other 2 spot edge/middle types.Cost effective solutions for that role though.

                For the most part though thee above mentioned give you that toughness.Not saying Matto and Lane aren't but I just love the look of those 1st 3 mentioned.

                • Coryn what makes the decision much harder is that each of our signed players all bring something to the team in quality and work.  Papali'i in particular is a very deceiving player, as he looks like squib, he stands 2cm above Stone, but is also 12Kg's heavier than Stone. Stone is a better player than many do not rate, yet both add a lot in different ways.  Papa, came here on a reduced contract from what he would have been playing on with the warriors to play with a better team as its turned out. I think many opposing teams laughed about him but,he is a very big key signing and long term eels player.  

                  We have no real problems with our pack, but its the backs which concern me for the future.

                  • colin, the R&R merry go round never stops.

                    Before the ink dries from sign / re sign 1 player, then it is immediately "NEXT"!

                    • No where like the R&R of old days, Rest and Recreation

                  • Agreed.

                    Outside backs in particular.

                    It'll come down to money though they can't pay everyone.

                    • Mushy & Coryn, the game today is very much sucked by the vaults that hold the players/commentators, leaders and the like. Watching outside are the pawns of the chess board which in RL parlance are the players, who have to perform at anything that is close to what a normal human being, unless its at the level where a sneeze creates so much wind that it blows open the back pocket for the Managers to fill up & then they get their take, and the player only has his fob pocket for himself.

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