Parramatta’s chief playmaker Mitchell Moses has reporedly taken up the option in his contract for 2022 — and in an even bigger boost for the club he’s set to extend for a further three seasons beyond that.

Moses had until this round to make a call on whether he’d take up the option or not. The Australian’s Brent Read is reporting the 26-year-old has taken up that option and will also sign a new deal with the club.

“I’ve got some breaking news, it was option day for Mitchell Moses — he’s got an option in his contract for next season,” Read told Triple M.

“It’s my understanding that not only will he take up that option but will now extend his deal with Parramatta for at least three seasons.

“So that’s the word that’s coming out of Parramatta on Mitchell Moses.”




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  • Top stuff

  • Excellent news.

  • Great if true.  I will wait with bated breath for official confirmation

  • I think Gamble played himself out of a contract tonight. Dogs could look to go full circle with Seizer. The Bulldogs on field troubles also please me. Like the other blog re feeling sorry for the Broncos, I have equal zero sympathy for them.   
    Would be good to tie Moses till 2024. If he hasn't won a comp by then maybe JArthur gets to run the team. 

    • I'm loving the absolute capitulation of clubs like the Dogs and Broncos. Their arrogance has well and truly sat them on their butts. All my mates that are Dogs supporters can't even watch the footy anymore - it's great!

      And screw the Broncos. They had the worst fans in the competition. Knocking them down a few pegs will do them well as they never really knew what it was like for their club to struggle.

      Just waiting for the Storm to have a few lean years once Bellamy retires. Apparently, Ryles is looking to be the next head coach at the Storm, so it's possibly on the horizon... 🤞

  • Well done NRL.  Magic Round, a round where you all got to see the wonderful, traditional and successful game of Rugby League vanish!

    • Yeah, PVL has overreached on this one unfortunately.

  • Awesome news to hear M Moses staying on, big thumbs up 👍 👍👍

  • Wow, I honestly thought he would decline his option and make the Eels pay him from next season. 

    • It's ideal for the club rolling thee extension into his new deal he'll make just under 900 K per that's about right for me.

      Its probably thee only way he could a 4 yr deal.

      Parra are going to have to make some calls on players.

      Fergos the first domino I wonder whose next.

      Matterson ?

      You'd want to get Gutho done fairly quickly to see where the majority of your money is going the next few years.

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