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          • Well said Michael Ericson. I agree.

          • How did he incite hatred ?

            What he said is either the truth and therefore can’t be hate in any way or it’s not the truth and therefore doesn’t matter.

          • Israel isn't trying to take anyone's rights away Michael, and to say so is a complete distortion of the truth. He is merely expressing the truth as he believes it to be, and the right to do so is what Alan Jones is defending. He has actually said he doesn't agree with Izzy's views, but he defends his right to express those views.

            If you're gay and you don't believe in Hell, then why the outcry ?

            The only people who should be bothered are gays who claim to be Christian. And if they are, I suggest they go back and read the very Bible that is the foundation of the faith they claim to belong to.

            • So you are in fact saying that a gay person can’t Christian? That says all you need to know about Christianity as far as I’m concerned. There are many good people that I know who happen to be gay. 

              You don’t have the right to say anything you want in society Brett. In fact I have a vague recollection of you saying the same thing in a different context a little while ago. 

              Brett I respect your views generally  particularly on the footy stuff where I think we agree often and your right to practice your religion but I can’t agree with you that Folau should be allowed to say Gay people will go to hell and therefore, by extension are evil. He cannot say that. 

              • The reality is many Christian ministries have a gay priests and accept them glady into their congregations, Uniting Church, Anglican Church , High Church of England....also women, if that is still an issue!

                I don't believe these conversations are even happening.

              • The defining characteristic of being Christian is one who follows Christ, who the Bible self describes as God's Living Word, John 1:1 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God". The Bible clearly lays out that God views homosexuality as an abomination.

                More importantly it also clearly lays out God's plan for humanity, the entire Bible from Adam & Eve in The Garden of Eden right through to Revelation referring to the Church as the Bride of Christ clearly indicate that heterosexuality is God's plan for humanity. 

                Now, He also gave us free will to make our own choices, but God's plan for humanity has never changed, and that plan does not include homosexuality. If you choose to reject God's plan, and therefore by extension God Himself, He won't impose Himself on you. 

                He will wait till you come to Him. If you choose not to before you die, well .....

                That's not God condemning anybody, that's humanity rejecting God.

                BTW, being a Christian is not about good vs evil. Yes, we should work out our faith by doing good works, and that is evidence that our heart has truly turned towards God, but being a good person alone is not enough, you have to fully submit your life to Him, all aspects of it, including sexuality.

                So can a homosexual be a Christian, they certainly can become Christian, but as they continue on their walk with God, if they are truly submitting their lives to Him, He will challenge them on their sexual choices, (and I don't want an argument about whether it's a choice or not).

                I hope this answers your question Michael.


    • While I am not going to argue it, I could argue he was trying to help is friends colleagues and mankind in general. He states they are going to hell unless they repent, so I could mount a case that he was trying to get people to repent.

      While I think it was insensitive to post that in his position, at the end of the day all he has done is post a quote from the most published book in history. At no point in that specific post (there may be other posts) does he state any opinion on this matter, it is a word for word quote from the bible.

      • Absolutely right Abe, an individual's human rights trumps the company's positioning statement in their business plan.

      • The most published book in history has no original copy and dates back to about 400 AD, there are so many arguments and descepancies in the contents and context it is absolutely irrelevant what is said when it comes to these type of discussions. Evangelicals are literalists that think the world is about 6500 years old and dinosaurs didn't exist. That doesn't mean they are not good people and the literal interpretation generalises Jesus teachings.

        This whole argument is a flat earth discussion, where do you want to position yourselves?

  • To Lefties  It's actually offensive to say that you are proud to be a Christian , to lefties it's abhorrent to say that the Christians are responsible for creating the greatest civilization the world has ever known . 

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