The Parramatta Eels are pleased to announce that Newcastle Knights forward Jirah Momoisea will join the club from the start of the 2023 NRL season.

 Parramatta Eels General Manager of Football Mark O’Neill said, “Jirah is a talented young forward who has a great attitude both on and off the field. We’re looking forward to welcoming him to our Club next season.”

Originally from New Zealand where he captained the esteemed St Paul’s College rugby union team, Jirah moved to Australia in 2017 and made his NRL debut last year in round 23.


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    • I agree if your not from rousehill forget your not going to get a run . 

      Both lower grades are not going well..we have no Juniors


    • Spot on. We should be developing our own for most positions & only going to the market occasionally.

  • So he is much better than Oregon kafusi ? Or is he I just cheap buy ? 

    I know he maybe a good player but I prefer a local junior always.

    • Hard to say, he is 24 this year, only has played 8 NRL games, started the year on the bench for Newcastle, go hurt and now has not been seen again. He got hurt late 2020 where he tore his achilles. He has had a bad run of injuries in the past. Oregon Kaufusi is a year young and has played 50 more games so not a fair assessment. I do not think Momoisea is a Kaufusi replacement as of yet, more so a trial of potential and depth signing. Had a few players like that who have surprised us, Hopgood is another i reckon.

      I think Ogden, Rodwell or Greig could be Kaufusi's replacement, or dare i say if we go down that path Matt Lodge.

  • Welcome to Paradise Jirah make every post a winner champ.

  • wow averages 10 minutes a game with an average 22m per game running.  Will be 24 yrs 6 months old when he starts for us. Literally 25 yrs old , a bit of a late boomer. Does anyone know what he actually brings to us. Theres not much so far, to go on.

    Didnt realise we were looking for Reserves in the Reggies. But there you go.

    • If not injured he will become another of the coaches battering rams and then disposed of in 3 seasons 

  • I watched him play in nsw cup on the weekend,at this stage he wasn't a standout but who knows what might happen under Brad Arthur's coaching 

  • Rubbish, add him to the list with Ogden, Grieg, Cartwright, makatoa, Rodwell etc. will be lucky to ever see him in 17, then get a 5 minute run

  • I really don't get this signing. 

    Is this an admission that our juniors and reserves aren't up to scratch or is this signing to replace a reserve that will go up to 1st grade.

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