Mixed Messages from BA

Shoutout to Ben Ikin for calling out BA's bullshit.

Pregame interview he went on about his usual crap about front loading our effort and starting fast, and as Ikin said after the game last week he was talking about patiently building a game plan. As Ikin said, this is a mixed message and the players are confused and not on the same page.

Anyway, after we front loaded the effort and led 16-0 today, lets hope thats enough to get us home with a 4 point led at half time to show for it. The coach is completely incompetent, any one who can't see it is blindly optimistic and not looking.

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              • I hoped they could win the 1981,82,83 & 84 grand finals and they did.But i guess whatever happens on the field is out of our hands, what will be will be, and what you see is what you get. I take it on a week to week basis. It's up to the players & coach whatever outcomes are, i'm just a long term fan, frustrated to a certain extent, but will remain ''loyal'' no matter what happens.

              • That's a good stertch mate, i gotta get there yet i'm 64', yes and i get what you mean, fair comment.

          • 33 years, the last GF win was in 86' do your maths, this year will be 34 years if we don't win the title.

  • Yeah it's all Arthur's fault we have not one a comp in 36 years. 
    He inherited a rabel and then had to deal with the salary cap. 
    He is going okay will have them reved up to beat the panthers just like we did before

    • 33years, this being the 34th year if we don't win the title.

      • IF!!

        • That's what i said, IF.!!

  • If we are being honest here ever since the front office have got there shit together Arthur's teams have finished 5th and finals appearance last year and what looking like top 4 this year.So the idea the team isn't improving is a misnomer.

    So I'm not sure where this 30 yr business not winning a premiership relates to Arthur.Hes probably had the club in its most turbulent times and makes no excuses when they fall over.

    • Coryn, I hope you are right. However looking at Warrior game, I thought, we were all over the place. We are in third place true, but there is a huge gap between 1,2 and 3rd place. Roosters are coming with all gun blazing.....

  • The end of the day, the good thing to come out of this is, we have BA for another 2yrs, shit nearly forgot, the rest of this season as well. We should all be happy, especiall next year when the club extends him again.

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