Mixed Messages from BA

Shoutout to Ben Ikin for calling out BA's bullshit.

Pregame interview he went on about his usual crap about front loading our effort and starting fast, and as Ikin said after the game last week he was talking about patiently building a game plan. As Ikin said, this is a mixed message and the players are confused and not on the same page.

Anyway, after we front loaded the effort and led 16-0 today, lets hope thats enough to get us home with a 4 point led at half time to show for it. The coach is completely incompetent, any one who can't see it is blindly optimistic and not looking.

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  • Agree i doubt BA or his coaching staff will ever celebrate success in the NRL.

    Yes were beating the warriors, but not as a team. When was the last time parra scored a try which involved 5 plus passes.

  • Spot on girth , the usual BA lovers will come out swinging ie slugg an pops

    • Gee I'm in good company there....hello Slugg, we finally made the big time.....I never thought I would make the big time, always thought you would! lol

      The Aliens are great talent watchers......7843150672?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • Todd Peyton is 1000 x the coach BA is .

    Its time we as a club stopped settling for this rubbish . We've spent on a talented top 4 roster and we have to battle our asses off to win games against average teams on effort .  We are no hope against the big guns who have been building all season . Absolutely none . 

    • Yep agree 

      we have cattle 


    • We absolutely have the cattle.

      The coach is ok but he won't get us to the next stage.

      • Teams are supposed to grow dfuring the season not get worse.  Ou attack is just so predictable and is woeful compared to the start of the season.  One out hit ups, endless bombs, no pressure buildin, same predictabe options almost every play.  So frustrating to watch!

        • What part of the season did you think we were OK EE....I can only think of the Penrith and Roosters games.

          Maybe you can think that we have an average team, no rep players  and have outperformed to be in third place!!

          Worth considering?

          • We had no problems racking up points in the early part of the season.  In fact I think we actually had the best differential for quirte some time from memory.  We have gone backwards in so many areas and not improved in the areas that we have need to.  Dumbest football team.

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