These thoughts arise with the potential of Cleary being out for the next Origin or for that matter Moses being injured.

Now I have little confidence in Jake Arthur being good enough yet to replace either half, whether it is Brown or Moses. I suspect though that BA will go with JA if Brown was out (not my choice).

So this leaves for me that Jordan Rankin is the obvious and deserving playmaking half to replace Moses, i.e. not JA!

If the opposite happens and Brown is out then I believe Gutho should go 5/8 but then this leaves us the fullback position to fall back on.....maybe Rankin could play fullback, he has in the past at NRL level, I am not sure of what I saw of the young NZ fullback playing reggies is ready for the job..... Is Opacic capable of playing fullback? and Penisi coming into the centres?

Now in writing all these one off's and if's please leave any nepotism or favour discussions from the coach out of it. Keep it to just who people think are the best for the circumstances, otherwise it will become a bash BA exercise.


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  • I watched Rankin play against the Mounties, and yes it was the one game, but he looked very, very pedestrian.

    If we lose Mitch to SOO, which I don't think we will, I would have no confidence in the lower grade options.

    • Rankin did have a relatively poor game in what you saw, but in general he has been Parra;s best in the reggies, has had FG experience as well......but your response will probably be the most likely I suspect.

  • JA replaced Dylan Brown when out due to suspension because Will Smith was unavailable due to injury.

    I believe that in BA’s mind that Will Smith is next man up.

    • Good point!

  • Hell no to Jordan Rankin, he is simply not NRL standard. If there were an injury it will clearly be Jake Arthur.

    End of story.

    • We can agree to disagree there Brett, I don't think JA is NRL standard/ or ready.

      • He's not ready, but he is still a better option than Smith or Rankin. JA plays better with better players around him. 

        • Rubbish

    • Hell no to Jacob Arthur, he is simply not NRL standard.

  • Rankin is useless

    In the unlikely case that Moses plays origin but more likely injured/suspended 

    Brown plays 7 with Smith 6

    Maybe JA gets another chance he will get better over time but those defensive reads will need working on.

    Or Gutho to 6 with fergo at fullback

    We would be in trouble if Rankin gets a call up

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