Membership increase + Credit

Just received my ticketed membership invoice for 2022.

Even after receiving a credit for the 4 games lost this season (almost 40% of home games)  and donating my full membership costs in 2020 the club has increased my gold membership form $450 to $495, a $45 increase after receiving credit. Really?, oh and you can donate your credit back to the club if you like.

The good news is ticketed members will receive their membership caps in their membership packs next season instead of having to collect them at a game. Whoopee. 

EDIT: I have made some adjustments to this post after realising I have made an error. The price you see on your invoice is before the credit has been deducted,  in my defence it was an easy error to make but none the less I owe the club an apology and also you fellow 1eyed eel members for giving the wrong information. 

It actually works out to be a very good reduction after the credit is deducted from the 10% increase in original price, 

My membership has gone up from $450 to $495 before the credit is deducted and drops down to $360 after the credit is deducted. 

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  • Another satisfied customer!

  • LOL Fools

  • You must be over the moon. You lucky bugger

  • I would hate to see what price a new member would have to pay for a gold membership,  I know its considerably more than a renewing member,  I'm guessing around the $600 mark.

    • I got an email today with info about my membership too. I'm only BGA Premium as I live out of Sydney. It has gone from $90 to $100, so it looks like they have just slapped a 10% increase on everyone.

  • Sounds wonderful, particularly given a lot of us donated our money to the club last year, and were told last year that we would get a pledge tee shirt. It is coming soon, I know, but the whole membership thing is a joke. Us members, and me in particular have had to put up with so much crap since Bankwest opened, it is not funny. They keep sending me a text to say that they will mail my cap out to me, as I did not  collect it, but I saw a photo, and I don't like it, so I never picked it up. How dare they put the prices up after what we have been through the last two years. Methinks we won't get our full allocation of games next year either, unless the just let fully vaccinated people in, which I am. Not good Parramatta.

    • Good on you Parrapete for being fully vaxxed!

      • Cheers horse

  • Pretty poor of them to raise the prices after so many of us shelled out big money to them the last 2 years and didn't even get to attend all the games! 

    I was frozen out of many games because of covid and now they raise the prices!


  • Yeh pretty shitty that they're raising prices by 10 per cent.

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