• Farking idiots, what did they expect Lane to say. They know he won't be talking to the media, not until the investigation is over,. If I was the media I would have been down the pub having a few, then tell the boss I spoke to Lane and all he said was " no comment"

  • Bunch of idiots.

  • Seriously what the fuck are the eels paying Lane ? He is driving a 15 year old Camry . 

    • Lol best comment right there. 

    • That’s the best 3rd party deal we could get him Frankie.

    • What do you expect Paul, he lives on the North Shore.

    • Haha I thought the same. And it’s fukn beige! Surely it has a wood beaded driver seat cover. For Gods sake upgrade your wheels son!

      • He could if he wasn't spending all his dosh on coke.

    • Warren Buffet and other wealthy people in the book Habits of millionaires mostly drive 3-4 year old camry's.

      Lane is just getting in a bit early.

  • Parramatta should be doing everything to keep Shaun out of the limelight right now, even setting him up with a minder until this blows over. Shaun’s mental health should be Parra’s priority. He’s the victim here, the perpetrator is the person who leaked the photo. 

    I just hope this person’s name gets leaked out as well.....what a scumbag!

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