Matt lodge

Don't listen to the media we are a big chance in landing him.4 year deal has been offered and lodge has purchased a place in rouse hill.Could be an investment property or not but stay tuned

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  • I hope your right and a denial at this time would not surprise, after all there seems to be a number of things that need to or seemingly are going on at the moment.

  • Would be great if true

    the last few rumours have not

  • I'll believe it when it's announced by the club.

    Until that happens, it's fake news. 

  • I hope your right very good move if we can pull it off. But jones our looks good on paper we’re a decent prop and solid center away from looking like contenders, I don’t know man it looks like every week we get better at one thing than fuck up on a different thing. I’m sick of it god willing we should smash Brisbane this week because Nathan brown is starting I fucking love the bloke, but still I don’t know anymore I’m just sick of moses’s Erratic ball playing atm.

    • This reply was deleted.
      • Nobody really disagrees with that....except Brown isn't in the team!

        • Lol 

          well said Poppa

          But Brown will be back soon and then I agree woth ToF

          But don’t know if Moses will play along

  • This scum bag should never have been allowed back into the game.

    • You're right, but he is so it might as well be with us than some other club. 

      • I don't think Ma'u squeaky clean but you don't mind having him in the side. We don't even know why he was in jail, but it was gang related. Second chances are important in this world. If you show remorse why shouldn't you been given a chance to pay back the damaged you're done. And I believe that's exactly what he doing, he confronting his regret head on. 

        • That's your opinion and you are entitled to it. At no point did I reference Mau so that is an assumption that you have made. As for Lodge, I hope we don't sign him. The bloke is lower than a snake's belly.

This reply was deleted.

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