• That's the man Franky. My late sister loved that band and I was subject to many cassette tapes / vinyl - mins you i diidnt mind them too 

  • Thank fark

  • If the  wests tigers want you then you really must be good  , this is just Benji  wanting to get all his buddies back together at the tigers and nothing more , by the time next season starts the entire 2005 tigers team will have a job at the club .

    • The problem with the Tigers and alot of other clubs is there are just very few quality operators in the game worth getting so basically it's the ex player train to run in these key spots.

      Tim Sheens walked less than a season into the gig that says alot how hard it really is.

  • Good! Cya.

    On a side note, how DUMB are the Tigers? They pretty much sacked O'Neil when he was there for alleged workplace harrassment and now they're rehiring it?

    Parra were dumb to hire someone who had such allegations made against him. Tigers are dumber for now wanting to re-hire him. Both clubs amaze me.

    • Were the allegations ever proven? 

  • This has been news months ago, i wonder if that is why we have not got any signings as of yet? Maybe me going into conspiracies as to why we have been so quiet in general. Though question is what approach are the club going with post O'Neill, whether they hire from within, get someone elsewhere or go with no GM allowing BA to have a bigger voice.

    Either way i think it is pretty safe to say O'Neill is leaving. For that i will thank him for his service, he has done a good job considering. He has been crucified lately, but i feel it has been unfair. O'Neill overall has done a good job, yes a few things that he struggled with like negotiations at times, but no GM is perfect. But the way he built the squad from 2019-2022 was fantastic. Plus some quality finds; Papali'i, Ferguson, Hopgood, Opacic etc. It just so happened what we were banking on, BA's ability to develop players from nobodies to stars, didn't work this year due to the pressure of it happening faster and at a bigger rate of players.

    Though after 5 years, could be a good time to move on for both parties, O'Neill helps a new team with new challenges and Parramatta get a new voice and direction in there. 

    Could this be the first step of a rebuild/reboot without the club actually knowing it?

    • So after 5 years is a good time, what about 10?

      • Frank, i have always mentioned, if BA is to move on i will not bat an eye, i think he has been here a fair while and it is better for him and us to move on, better for him in that he tries to make another club relevant like he did us and better for us to have a new face leading us. 

  • The question really is who replaces O'Neill? Is anybody currently in line to automatically take over or do they have to start looking and hiring someone?

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