• The rules around contracts and when players can be approached are an absolute farce. Niukore is signed with us to the end of 2022, so he can't be contacted by clubs until 1st Nov 2021 at the earliest, yet here we have a story like this. Technically the Warriors have done nothing wrong here, as this has come from a fan based site. But seriously, how easy would it be for a club to go to it's #1 fan site to push an idea like this out into the media?

    • Absolutely Meelk. Good points. It sucks that all this speculation starts so early to circumvent  the Nov 1 rule for the year prior to expiry - take Guts resigning saga started back in May - it’s so soon for it to start over and so much can happen in players form and Chinese dinners in the interim too. 

      and as you say, it’d be a smart ploy by Warriors as much as I don’t like it...haha can’t imagine how they are reeling with egg on face much about Papali’i tho

      on a side note they have some big money signings themselves tho so if they can afford it what can’t we?

      • Mace, that is the same point.....we still have 30 players to divide into the "cake" its only the mix that can change.

        The problem comes with the players rising within the current year in terms of value.....Papallii being no greater example. If we have any money left from this year i.e. Jennings was never officially replaced, then I assume that some players have been front ended in this season towards next.

        Then there is your and my favourites the TPA's...... we surely should be in that game now with the new found respect, Bank West as a vehicle, the highest numbers in a supporter base all add up to be a very attractive team (players within) to endorse.

  • I don't know why the Warriors didn't go hard with huge money on a couple of halves. They could of spent a million each on Milford and Sandow who wants back in the NRL. Combine them with the big money forwards Kane Evans and Matt Lodge and look out. No money left.

  • Words fail me...


  • Would not like to see this happen, but no one is irreplaceble

  • If he wants to go he will go

    • exactly

  • NO!!!

  • I'm going to fucking cry if this happens. Please don't do this.

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