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Simple question, how much better off are we with our two new pack additions?

Its a fair loss losing Manu, he was in fine form this year, big workload, he will be missed.

Timmy is no loss, in fact as a team i think we will be a lot better off without his dreaming antics, its a huge bonus he's gone.

Matto is a great signing and will cover in work load for Manu, i wasnt too impressed with RCG last 12 months of footy, wasnt too impressed with his signing but im prepared to give him a go and hope he can get back to some good form.

They both bring new skills and should help give our pack some new dynamics.

RCG is a big improvement over Tim thats for sure, he has a few more skills in his bow than Tim and new blood is very important in a team.

RCG will hae a big point to prove to a new club, new team mates, new supporter base, lets hope he can really settle in and get back to where he was a few years back.

Hopefully he can work on his leadership qualities too and become a bit of a senior leader in the pack.


Are we starting to look a better team for next year? yes is my answer, im quietly confident we are in for a good year.

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  • RCG want in a good head space at Penriff... 

    He has proven that he can be good and I feel the Eels culture will bring that out in him. 

    One concern is the length of the deal. 5 years of guaranteed money regardless of firm is always a concern imo

  • The only actual loss to our team for next year is Manu.

    Excluding Manu, what we have gained for next year in Matto & RCG outweighs what we have loss with the rest easily.

  • The POTENTIAL is for our two new additions to be an upgrade on Mannah and Mau, if RCG can get back to his origin form he will be a step up from Mannah at his best, it's going to be more difficult for Matterson to better Mau but i think he has the potential to be better Time will tell.

    I am excited for next season, can't wait for it to start.

  • I can’t see too many weaknesses in our side. Really like what the club has done to construct this group of players, threats all over the park. We are going to be scoring a lot of points this coming season. My only major concern is the health of Dylan Brown’s back.

  • Snake Mannah did not play a big part in last years effort. He played a big part in the Wenty effort especially at the back end of the season.

    RCG will push out one of the other forwards to win a spot. He had a good year last year without it being a great year. He averaged 107 metres and 30 tackles a game off the bench. If you compare that to any of our brnch players from last year off the bench I think you will find them inferior.

    There is an improvement right there. At 193cm and 115 kgs and more than 100 games experience, there is another improvement just having another big experienced body. Cleary forced him to alter his running style which he was not happy about. That will likely change at the Eels along with encouraging to offload more 

    Manu was one of my favourite players. A great redemption  story from prison to footy star and a true clubman to boot.

    But........ he was forced to play above his weight as a forward. Who will ever forget him standing up to Dave Klemmer. However all this effort by Mau did lead to inconsistencies. He committed a few errors dropped a few balls, some lazy swinging arm type stuff. So as good as he was and as committed to the club as he was I think Matterson brings more.

    Apart from Matterson’s running game he brings great defence and a great offload 

    As a team we will lift with the inclusion of these two 

    • Agree Tim didnt play a big part but he still played half a season, took up a valuable top spot to run around for wenty and as a club capt his spat couldnt have been good energy for the team.

      All thats behind us now, Tim was at the club for a long time, if anything his absence will be a positive symbolic change at the least imo.

      • Snake, thing with Manu, & I for one would have loved to still have in at the club, while he had a good year, it was down a bit on past years. I understand the reason why he left was the extra money and contract to play in SL, he admitted that himself as he said, a young family and needs to have the coin to set him and the family up.  I doubt the eels could have offered the same contract, in both length and coin, to me that's as simple as it gets.

        Matterson can replace Manu in more ways, firstly he has good defence and can run the ball, but his big points are 1: an 80minute player and has ball skills. Whic I believe puts him in front of Manu.

        RCG.  Many here were scared that he would not survive and play well owing to his two jaw injuries, as a result be a liability and the amount is too much, also he's past it.  He was put down as he had lost his abilities in the last season, especially as he constantly turned his back into the defence, that in the mind of many was he was scared. What crap, when he did that, and he certainly did it a lot he was able to push harder with his legs to gain extra metres, and get the bal away on occassions.

        Have a look at this site and you will find a lot of statistics on him including those for 2019

        Looking at those stats, you will find he is down marginally this 2019 season compared to his best which was in 2017.  

        For the eels, we have put up with having in the last part of this year primarilly Jnr & Evans finally making impact with Alvaro off the bench. Terepo, was basically useless in that time and added not much, Gower was good for a couple of games, but we had Tepai who was longing for RU and gave 10 minutes usually of wasted space.

        One does not need to have a degree in rocket science or less to see the stats of RCG to realise the eels have signed a strong and quality prop, who will add to the team. We have signed two new players who will make the team stronger.

        NRL Supercoach Stats - Reagan Campbell-Gillard 2019 Player Profile
        Reagan Campbell-Gillard 2019 Player Profile on Scores, Averages, Minutes and PPMs. Sort and filter lists based on player nam…
        • Colin, Interesting, mate.

          I'm a supercoach fan & that website you shared is a phenomenal resource.

          Obviously, SC & life differ but one thing to note is RCG is no where near the likes of  FRF's like Haas, A Fifita, Taupau, even S Burgess in SC pedigree. 

          However, since RCG is an Eel I'll be cheering for him to play with purpose, to his potential & beyond, despite my reservations. I want him to regain his best form and out-do it.

    • RCG will push out either Alvaro, Terepo who both had by far their worst season for the Eels or Gower.

      I think RCG or Evans are certain for a bench spot along with Niukore, the other two spots are up for grabs so it's up to Alvaro, Terepo, Gower, Kaufusi and any other young forward to stake their claim for at least one of the remaining bench spots, this can only be a good thing.

  • Better on both counts

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