Simple question, how much better off are we with our two new pack additions?

Its a fair loss losing Manu, he was in fine form this year, big workload, he will be missed.

Timmy is no loss, in fact as a team i think we will be a lot better off without his dreaming antics, its a huge bonus he's gone.

Matto is a great signing and will cover in work load for Manu, i wasnt too impressed with RCG last 12 months of footy, wasnt too impressed with his signing but im prepared to give him a go and hope he can get back to some good form.

They both bring new skills and should help give our pack some new dynamics.

RCG is a big improvement over Tim thats for sure, he has a few more skills in his bow than Tim and new blood is very important in a team.

RCG will hae a big point to prove to a new club, new team mates, new supporter base, lets hope he can really settle in and get back to where he was a few years back.

Hopefully he can work on his leadership qualities too and become a bit of a senior leader in the pack.


Are we starting to look a better team for next year? yes is my answer, im quietly confident we are in for a good year.

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  • So it seems everybody thinks we are better off next year, that means we need a top 4 finish no less

    • Not if we were lucky this year. If we're unlucky next year we could go worse, despite having a better side.

      This year I think we were a mid-table team who had some luck. Next year we're a top eight team but who knows how our luck will fall. 2018 was horrifically bad luck, compounded by poor judgement in bringing Hayne back. Who knows how next year will go. Matterson and RCG add plenty of talent but either of them could be a negative influence on our club. We could finish eighth or worse.

    • Snake, bit of a catch 22 when all said and done, the debate centres around 4 players, 2 gone and 2 arriving. Of the two, one is basically put out of any real consideration owing to his demotion to reggies at Wenty, the other is on a different level in opinions.

      What I believe is that we had one player in particular who was basically wasted space in the back half of the year and he's gone to RU now, and I would believe it would not matter who takes his place we would be ahead.  Likewis with one other who wasn't much better, as he was hardly trying as well, thing he is still with the eels next year owing to his PO. Not sure he will be any bettter though but that depends on his attitude as he's likely to mainly prop up the eels reserve grade side next year.

  • We are stronger with RCG/Matterson. Ma'u gave his all but he did struggle with consistency. He never had a BAD game but he had games where he just chugged along. Matterson at 24 is younger taller and stronger than Ma'u but doesn't have the aggression. He and Lane could be a great backrow. Both can bust their upper boy through the line and sneak an offload. 

  • RCG is an origin and test front rower when he's in the right head space 

    Matterson will come very close to playing origin again this year.

    I will miss both Manu and Mannah as they've been such great servants of the game, however i think moving forward RCG and Matterson a much better option long term. They both have their best footy ahead of them, Mannah has retired and Manu only has a few years left in him.

    So yes it's a great decision by the club and the fact that both the panthers and tigers are paying portions of their salaries is evern better.


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