Now we have been dudded by the NRL Evans getting a week. Fingers crossed MANNAH gets a shot far better than what we have and all heart. WHOS WITH ME?

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  • Tim mannah don’t deserve a start, he let everyone down, time to move on. Got a strong feeling this weeks game will be our last

    • Who did he let down you git. Hes playing well enough to come off the bench in a last game. Your a fool

      • It’s like what the inflatable principle said to the inflatable student when he brought a thumb tack to the inflatable school; “You not only let me down, you let yourself down and you let the entire school down.” 

        • Bwahahahaaaa


      • I think if he playing ok, why not let him finish in the top grade. He played his hart out for the club, he a nice bloke, not a grub. F&$k me some people are just arse holes in this group. 

    • So take it Shawny you believe that Tep Peni and Alvaro have played well all year and haven’t let their teammates fans and coach down despite the loyality Brad has shown to them?

       Alvaro needs to aim up like he did last week and hopefully Tep  and or Peni  will play out of their 2019 skins as well.


      • Yeh but Mannah doesnt drop the ball ever like those other two dick for hands

        • Gee Nick, you musta had your sustagen to come up with a sensible and good post for a change, congratulations.

  • Well, Chucky is...

  • 100%

    why the f*ck Alvaro gets the nod is beyond me.

    i know people don’t like him but seriously if anyone thinks he is less of a player than Alvaro you must have eyes painted on your face.

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Pauly Pauly replied to Big eel's discussion Sivio
"He needs to be dropped 100%. maybe give Haze Dunster a go "
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Pauly Pauly replied to Ross's discussion Can we still go all the way?
"No chance.
we need to start playing footy and try to start to play the ball quickly, instead we are trying to milk every play and it slows us down. Just bloody play the ball and have faith in the team to get the job done. Sooo frustrating. Maika Siv…"
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"Yes you def are !!!!!
hope those hotdogs had lots of cheese and mustard too "
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"Thanks Carlo I am more fun than a two point loss. "
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