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  • Good he got multiple repeat sets against the warriors and the panthers looked like 1 try off clicking this puts the pressure on Cleary !

  • Suspended! Didn't he get off after recently snapping John Bateman's arm off?

  • What if he pleads not guilty? The Panthers will win anyway, regardless! They're due for a win and they'll have Perenara as referees again.

  • Bad, that will bring in a that young bloke and he will have a blinder and kill us. 

  • Perfect game for Luai to come in. He won't fear Parramatta. Also being a Thursday night game we won't have a big crowd behind us. Cleary is due a big game and a bit of luck. That will come against Parra. Also now who are we gonna run at? Maloney can't tackle. This sucks 

    • Cleary an Maloney haven’t been terrible it’s been the whole team they have actually created opportunities and creating pressure but can’t capitalise 

      • Perhaps, bounce of ball, bit of luck, yeah I get it. But fact is Maloney can't tackle and it makes those around him worse as well. Some players around him have some terrible defensive stats this year. That won't happen with luai.

  • If Parramatta need to rely on players to be in or out to gain advantage, we have massive problems 

  • I smell a upset Penrith by 10 gee I hate being negitive

  • There goes 5 penalties our way.

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