Luke Brooks

They were saying on 360 last night Tigers may want to offload him and pay some freight. Would he go any good at hooker? 

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    • Josh, Brett Allen wants Brooks @ parra. Betting he's lobbying Arthur to get him on the books asap. Thinks he'd be great as a hooker off the bench . Unbelievable some so called football judges . betting Brett has shares in the  Tigers also. 

      • I honestly can't believe this is even being discussed and more shockingly, how many fans are all for it. If a team is only as good as it's supporter base, we are well and truly fucked.

        • All I said was Moses isn't a million dollar player.  Eels are lacking an X player who controls game and would be worth a million dollars. Toovey and Cronk addressed this recently on Fox about a month ago. . I've been following Eels a long time too.   I addressed it 3 years ago and will address it in 3 more years when Moses is retired or gone to SL and JA is  half-back. The chances of Munster coming here aren't good.  You would have to ask Moses if Brooks  would be a good idea.   I bet lots on here didn't think Townsend was a good buy for Cowboys either. Is he on a million bucks?

          • Parrakeet, Moses is not on a $mil with us, just for curiosity sake, how much do you think Moses is worth?.

            • Wilson I'm responding because its polite.  I have no idea but just fantasise Munster came for a million dollars.  Munster has played in GFs and numerous  SOO and is younger also.  Who would you sign?

            • Well considering he has failed in so many big games and achieved very little considering his age what to you think he is worth ? 

              • Whatever the market dictates, and currently that would be around the $mil.

        • Brooks = 💩

      • you are so full of shit usual you just make shit up to suit your narrative....and don't let facts get in the way of it

        • Mate, go and read all the previous posts before you post all your little bs rumors.  Are you the rock, brissy or dolphin boy because you all spin the same daily diatribe bs posts. Are you a comedian rock ? Or a football fan. Funny stuff, have to laugh at this  sometimes. 

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