Luke Brooks

They were saying on 360 last night Tigers may want to offload him and pay some freight. Would he go any good at hooker? 

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        • Spot on

        • Seems a crazy rule... that said they didn't have to sign brooks for a long term deal on that kind of money. Sounds more like shite management than anything else 

          • It's the salary floor. It's in the CBA, it's too ensure that's the players get their agreed share of the games revenue. 

            • Ah yep .. makes sense Brett

      • He's a thief. He should be locked up for robbing the Tigers for so long.

  • I don't think so. Maybe at The Wall?

  • Can't stand the bloke and he has been the Tiger's problem and been there for a decade of failure. He's literally a loser.

    Munster at 6, D Brown at 9.


    • How are you still persisting that D Brown should be 9? What have you been watching this year?

      • He is one of the best defenders in our team.

        He can kick and has a more accurate and precise pass than Mahoney.

        He's quick between the ears and across the field.

        We need a top shelf hooker, which also opens up the option of signing a top shelf 6.

        How many farking reasons do we need before it's given a shot?

        Moses and Munster in the halves.

        Brown at hooker and Gutho in the centres with Perham at fullback.

        Build a cheap team around that spine!

        The advantage is BA can do good things with nuffie and cheap players to fill the other positions and some of those players we already have.

        • He'd be a game changer at hooker. Moses runs the team from 7, this would see him more involved 

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