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You really have to wonder about some of the unicorns we have on this site as they have no shame and some of the excuses they have come up with for BA are pearlers.

The unicorns have recently accused people like myself and others who disapprove of what is happening at the club as having some evil Agenda which is quite laughable when you look at the history of these people, unicorns have a very proud history of backing absolute rubbish being at the club and what is even more deplorable is that even when the rubbish they back and want at the club are failing they still want them to remain at the club. 

The unicorns ,

Backed and defeded Kearney.

Backed and defend Ricky Stuart 

Backed and defended Steve Sharp 

Backed and defeded Brad Arthur.

Yet apparently people like myself who are against rubbish being at the club have a a evil Agenda , if you asked anyone with a full compliment of working brain cells who had the the evil Agenda I'm certain they would say the dopes who have consistently backed and defend rubbish at the club have a evil agenda in wanting the club to fail .

You would either have to have a agenda of wanting to the club to fail or have some kind of mental illness because to be this consistently wrong  over such a long period of time you either are doing it on purpose because you hate the club or are not mentally normal .

The excuses even trickle down to the CEO , Gurr has been a failure in everything he has done since being at the club and no excuses can be made for it yet the unicorns being the troopers they are  still had a crack at defending Gurr when someone posted a blog highlighting the education and training that Bernie Gurr has, yep Bernie is doing a fine job because he has the right education and training and that is all that matters .

Yes let's listen to the unicorns because is obvious they have the right agenda and have always been correct. 

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They are out in full force this morning, it is a dead set sickness.

Honestly they need to be locked up for their own good.

Alan ask them when have they ever been right and ask them why they back rubbish to be at th club .

This club consistently makes the wrong decisions year after year.Im hearing one of our sponsors will walk

They might be about to make another huge mistake by retaining our diabolical coach, its a sad state of affairs.

What you're missing is this:

When we got rid of Kearney we got Stuart

When we got rid of Stuart we got Arthur

When we got rid of Sharp we got Max

Call people unicorns all you want but you need to realise the problem isn't any of the scapegoats. The problem is the people who have been here all along - the members. Max tried to change the constitution and only the people who gave a f*** turned up (no I didn't turn up either). The factions own this club. They are deep in the woodwork. They are the essence of Parramatta.

But let's sack another coach. It worked last time.

And heres one right on time to prove the point, a chief excuse maker and dreamer lol

Who's the dreamer? You're the one who thinks sacking people will fix anything. Why would it start working now?

Pou when someone is not doing their job you replace them and it didn't matter how many times you do it . 

In the last 18 years go look as how many times the Roosters jade missed the finals , go look at how many grand finals they have made and then go look at how many coaches they have sacked in the same period. 

But that's the point. Sacking coaches works for them because they have consistency in the football department. They poached the now-disgraced Peter O'Sullivan so he could deal with recruitment, no matter how illegal. He's also the reason the Storm were able to build such a strong squad:


Sad but so true.

Until you get all the parties rowing in the right direction with the same agenda then we may see some light at the end of the tunnel.

I love it all the fans saying this guy should go have zero idea of a good replacement and it's Rinse Wash Repeat with the same old tired posts.


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