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  • There bench looks a bit thin in size
    I would of had Shannon Boyd instead of chrichton.. Peachy is a very good selection on the bench can cover everywhere

    I'm glad Cook is in the team, best hooker in the Comp ATM

    A lot better then what Laurie would of picked
    • Shanon Boyd is a dead set bum
    • Bench is fine. Most of the forwards starting can play long minutes
    • I rate Shannon Boyd, his game for Canberra the other night he was so hard to tackle and was making yards for ease.
  • This team can put a lot of points on but will certainly leak a few. Roberts, Mitchell and Maloney are amongst the worst Defenders in the comp. Should be a high scoring entertaining game. I personally would have had turbo and Aitkin in the centres latrell in one wing. Certainly a courageous selector Ol Freddy.
    • I wanted

      2. JAC
      3. Mitchell
      4. Turbo
      5. Cotric

      But I can easily live with this
  • RCG vs NAPA.....first time in a while I’m looking forward to State of Origin 

  • Jack Debelin over Jake Trbojevic is interesting?
  • What! No tigers? No Eels? Uhhh who else...Cordner the only Sharks...One Rooster...what’s going on here? The team should have been half Roryers and half sharks, Uncle Nic will be upset!

  • Vaughan unlucky not to be starting and Klemmer very lucky to be in the side at all. I would have given Sims a gig and even Merrin or Ryan James ahead of Klemmer. And I don't rate Tedesco as highly as some, he just hasn't got that passing game that's needed. I would have Turbo at fullback and Cotric on the wing with Aitken in the centres instead of Roberts.

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