Latrell and Wighton charged after brawl in Canberra


I tried copying the link to a Fox Sports article that has Latrell Mitchell charged with affray and resist arrest in Canberra and Jack Wighton with affray after a night of boozing to celebrate Wighton 30th.  This happened last night.

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      • So Victor, you want to use the white mans tools to prove your point, interesting.

  • Poppa,  never had a single issue with anyone in all my years on this site.  I bow to you. 

    • Well that's not true, you have now on two  seperate occasions decided to attack me, basically because you don't like me (that understandable), but they have been ambushes everytime.. I never asked you or anyone to bow to me.You have seen me enough on here to know that I speak my mind and not interested in listening to the popular opinion because somebody says its true.

      PT I say it as I see it, the thing I did through TCT was a service and I thought (better/ worse) that many on here had a poor knowledge of players and a definite opinion from the likes of Chief ect that our juniors were no good.....I was updating nothing more, When Snake then attacked me because he has this inate hatred of anything to do with joined in. I respect a snake out in the open, but not in the grass.....draw your own conclusions and dont make judgements unless you are better informed than you currently are.

      • Poppa 

        I am too old and too mad to be arguing with anyone these days .  No issue with you .  Let's move on.  Life is short

        • Fine, most people get on better after a "barney" and become good friends.....I know you are a good person PT and that I annoy a lot.....but someone has to take the other side of an argument if you don't think the message is clear enough. 

      • I have never seen PT as an agitator or aggressor. Very level headed and valued poster.

        You are a passive aggressive dart thrower my dear old friend. Boredom? 

        I have only had issues with 3 people in my decade plus years on this site. Brett Allen  (only time I have been suspended, but put my hand up that my comment crossed the line) Brissyeel and drumroll....Poppa. I clearly have an issue with know-it-alls. What happened to you? A lot of dislike directed at you these days.

        Maybe too much preaching and not enough self assessment.

        • Cheers Bert.  Hope your well mate and family is healthy. 

        • Bert I will respond to you in another way. Brett Allen offers a lot more than you to this site and so did Brissyeel.....its not for me to judge myself in ways of contribution but lets agree if we had a sackful of sychophants on this site, it would be pretty boring. 

          I have called you out with your shit in recent times Bert and am yet to think you don't live in a fantasy land somewhere. Its interesting physcology when people think you are a know it all and thus think your a preacher. Its obviously a lot easier to know nothing and agree with every one and be part of the flock!

          • "You have called me out" over nothing champ.

            I think we have established, if YOU don't believe it, it must be fake news.

            What nusing home do you reside in?

            PM me the number, I will give you a call, and look forward to confirming the conversation took place.

            You are the most tech savvy geriatric with your memes and not existent nursing home curfew I know. You must be using your iPhone hotspot to get wifi connection after hours under the blanket?

            .... waiting on that phone number. 


            • LOL Bert,  you don't know me very well....Tech Savy? I remember Phil Sim adjusting the print on a post I made because it was so small, I had no idea how I did it.

              I think I have made it clear that the nursing home is imaginery, so not sure where you are coming from there. The calling out, specifically Matt Arthur if you remember, I am still waiting for your proof?

              NB When people call someone "champ" it is actually derogatory and is a euphesium for a lack of respect, Understandable in my case. I quiet like you Bert but I do think the 'Jungle Juice or Drugs" has some effect on you ......Drugs, you know the things you talk about in preparation that normal people like myself have had no experience with....plenty of Alchol and Tobaco notwithstanding.

              I don't think you should worry too much about me but you do tend to come and go a fair bit.

This reply was deleted.

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