KENNNNY Edwards to fight Hodges in December

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Kenny Edwards never had the opportunity to hit Justin Hodges when they were both running around in the NRL, but says he'd relish the chance to knock him out in a boxing ring in December. Hodges will lace up the gloves for his third professional bout on the undercard to Tim Tszyu's welterweight showdown with Jack Brubaker. He doesn't have an opponent yet, but Edwards' name has been mentioned alongside Beau Scott and Darcy Lussick for the heavyweight clash. Edwards, who says he hates Hodges, has been asking for a fight with the former Kangaroos, Queensland and Broncos centre all year and is furious it's taken until this week for anyone to get back to him about it. MORE: Hodges lining up fight with former NRL player | Jarrod Wallace to fight on Mundine-JWP undercard "I've got messages on my phone from April and I've been asking for it all year," Edwards told Sporting News on Wednesday. "Now they ring me this week asking if I want it with a month and a half until the fight and I've been on holiday for six weeks. "I hit them up for a fight, but they didn't get back to me all year. Now they give me a month. "I still want it badly, but they've pissed me off waiting this long." Edwards has been playing for Catalans Dragons since his release from the Eels last year, but has recently signed a new deal with Huddersfield. He says he'll start preparing for the fight while seeking permission from Huddersfield coach Simon Woolford. A lifelong boxing fan, he says the chance to punch on with Hodges is too tempting not to take up. "The reason I want it so much is because I f***ing hated him as a player," Edwards said. "I don't know him as a bloke, but I hated him as a player and he probably says the same thing about me. "I never got the chance to play against him, but I know if I did I would've went through him. I hated him that much. "All those years in Queensland, he was always coming in with his arms up ready to fight. But he was always the fourth, fifth or sixth man in. He was never the one in the fight. "So I’ve always wanted to fight him and when I saw he was boxing, I thought it was the perfect opportunity." Edwards says his hatred for Hodges only grew following some comments the Broncos veteran made in the media in 2017. "Earlier in the season, I'd hit Jonus Pearson on the ground," Edwards said. "If I could go back, I wouldn't do it, but I hit him on the ground and Hodgo came out in the papers the day of our second match against the Broncos that year. "He was saying all the Broncos boys would be going for me and that I was a dog and all this shit. "I was thinking that this guy's the biggest dog in the game, why's he saying all this shit about me? "Anyway, we pumped them by 50 points and it was my best game of the year." If he gets the green light from Huddersfield, Edwards' boxing debut will be on December 6. Hodges made his professional debut in February and has earned two first round knockouts in his two fights so far. Beau Scott was initially set to fight Hodges in December, but the former Dragons premiership winner pulled out with other commitments. If Edwards is unable to take the bout, Darcy Lussick is reportedly next in line.

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  • I'd take Kenny back in a heart beat.

    His energy is infectious and his team mates love him. Miss the Kenny cramps too

  • Can’t wait for them to shake hands before the fight

  • Hahaha still love Kenny 

  • Haha all true about Hodges gee he  was a dog of a player particularly in the early years when he played with the Roosters. He sort of mellowed a bit later on. 

  • I don't care who does it but someone gotta knock the shit outta Hodges

  • I'd take Kenny back for 1yr too

  • Love seeing Eels punch Hodges in the face.


    • Hodges has the reputation that he can hold his hands up but he didn't look very capable in this incident with Jr Groethe. Admittedly, it was a short encounter.

      I really hated Hodges when he was a player, less so now he is a commentator.

      Kenny did offer a lot off the bench, inspiration and comedy but he did some dumb and irresponsible things off the field. Taka has tried to replicate Kenny's cramp act occasionally but no-one does it like Kenny.

  • Hodges was a dog but id love to see Kenny get knocked out the guy is a deadset flog. Yeah I'd have him come off the bench but honestly hes seems like a dead shit off the field

    • Seconded.

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