JAC still on our radar

JAC is still on EELS radar i hear. We met with his management last week again. Gus needs to approve

Dont be surprised he is an eel 2024

stuff goin on in the background

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  • Still a no for me; he's not what we need in terms of ego. If they don't want him then there's reason here

    • Ego is not a dirty word. Don't believe what you've seen or heard.

    • Agree. Has to be reason he's being offloaded by both Storm and Dogs. I reckon it's more than just his form. 

      • I don't know if you actually watch much football, especially other clubs CE but you need to understand that JAC is in another hemisphere compared to the wingers Parra have or hope to get....he is a single match winner and can turn you around with 12 points in the blink of an eye....i.e. defending your own line for say 6/8 minutes and gets a break and you have a try at the other end......sides did that to us regularly last season. Think of that young winger from Titans "pierra".

        Also he is a player when you are on top that can get you points clear very quickly.....i.e. you don't have to work so hard to beat clubs that many believe we will win easily.....sides will fear us, whereas everyone thinks they can beat us. if you hang in there!

        You have no idea want a benefit he would be!

        His Form is very good, so god knows why you said not just his form...he has a loud mouth and refuses to sing the national anthem (much to my disgust) but I want a winner as well as a sensational winger and I couldn't give a stuff about his personal issues as long as he is not assaulting or injuring other people. Move on CE

        • Players love playing with JAC, he's very well liked.

          if you ever watch a game he's involved in you'll never see a teammate who's more supportive or encouraging.He 's non stop involved in the game verbally.

          Most coaches love a player  with JACs personality it relaxes a dressing room.Hes a player that can bring the playing group closer together.

          His incidents off field are minor as far as I'm concerned.
          The Koori knockout can get pretty volatile on the field and off at times , it's a wonder more players aren't involved in stinks.

          As for the Covid protocol breach, don't those restrictions look rediculous now.

          Before even getting into his football ability and what he can add to this football team, as a bloke I guarantee he'll help this squad a hell of a lot more then he'd hinder.

          As I said in an earlier post , there's a lot going on at the dogs and I have no doubt there's a few blokes there angling to get out.This story definitely has legs.

        • It's undeniable his form has dipped massively at Canterbury. Obviously the Canterbury stinking factor has to be considered, but at the end of the day , he's forms dropped.  Far from " very good ". 

          • not point or the issue

      • Storm never offloaded him he wanted to go back to Sydney.Storm refused to release him unless they got a decent player in return hence the reason he seen out his last year.

        I wouldn't judge him whilst at the dogs they are a basket case and quiet frankly they are coached by an overrated hack in ciraldo.Dean pay had a shit squad but got more out of his squad then ciraldo.

        You have to remember being an assistant at a powerful club Doesn't mean success at another club once your head coach.It didn't work with Kearney and it won't work with ciraldo imo.

        If Gus isn't at Canterbury I really couldn't see ciraldo getting half of those signings.

        • The elite players go to Dogs for the money. Critta said he will go back to Panthers if not happy and it doesn't work out.
          Panthers wont have elite money in future. You can't go backwards in life. Thank God that Gould had left Panthers or they would not have one one a GF. Soughted Panthers club out originally to his credit.

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