So the Roosters have now lost Latrell, who was set to earn $800'000 with the Roosters and now have no time or players available on the open market to replace him, and by default they will play this year $800'000 under the salary cap and they are still pre comp favourites for premiers. Can this be right ? Then to make things even worse for other clubs the $800'000 they save this year "ie front load 2021 contracts" means they will effectively free up and be able to spend an extra 1.6million on players next year.

If my calculations are right, F@$k they sure know how to handle their salary cap better then most, ringing true what Greenburg said at the end of last season in the media, when pretending to release all the clubs salary cap numbers etc. "The Roosters are the best at managing the cap." or similar.

God knows how this could be right....... and the NRL wonder why fans are fed up about the salary cap.

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    • Correct, they cheat the cap & anybody that follows league knows it. Every year teams resign players that have a year to go & have to pay more. Not the Roosters, they go backwards. 

  • Not exactly true. They'll have $580k but they will still need to bring someone into the 30 player squad to replace him.

    So I think it'll be around $480 or so for a min contract player or much less depending on who they sign.

    Still, with the teamthey have they're miles over the cap

  • Isn't Latrell still on his rookie deal? When showing the value of contracts for last year he was probably listed at about 400k.

    Leave and he frees up 800k. The media just speculate and give figures that fit their story . They have no idea .  I can't imagine they have too much more to spend but they probably have enough for a quality first grader .

    • That's what was reported early last year GWF, Mitchell was on abt. $400k.  Now we know how they operate, on the cap he is worth $400k, when they leave they free up $700k. 

      • yep, and then the cover up and miss information like "The media are just making up numbers" It was only his last year of his contract that the $$ would of kicked in.  Oh yeah and my favourite "He agreed to play for unders with our club. Even his next deal is suspect as well. Tigers offer 1.2million a tear for 4 years but he will take $700k at Bunnies for 1 year and a souths option. And then he comes out and saying "Oh i would of regretted going to the tigers."  Really and id regret earning 1.2mil a year "NOT". 

        Then sacking another agent , why "could it be because the agent wanted nothing to do with the shady deals and wanted to go straight/ by the book in fear of recent agents/managers  loosing their accreditation". 


    • Of course latrell was was on 400k on the cap and wasn't offered an upgrade at all.  The roosters needed the cap space for nikorima who was listed as $425k on the cap but they had to release him 2 years early to sign Cronk.  Remember they had money to keep Pearce but Pearce didn't want to stay so nikorima was let go.

    • Yes, but they obviously created enough cap space to offer him an 800k a year deal. That deal is now dead obviously. But they did create the cap space.

      I know this is not going to be popular with everyone, but I can see how they could've done it without cheating the cap.

      You only need to get players to agree to restructure their current deals to accomodate a clubs current needs.

      Plus Cronk retired, let's say he was on 600k. they let Zane Tetavano go, let's say he was on 150k. Now they let Latrell go, that's 800k they had committed to him they no longer have to pay out, less the amount they've already paid him. So, let's say that's 1.3m when you subtract what they've already paid Latrell and the minimum replacement cost for 3 players.

      The only significant addition would have been Kyle Flanagan and the only significant upgrade was Joey Manu. I could see how they could've made it work.

  • What about Souths ? surely they are at the cap along with Cronulla. I feel sorry for the tigers supporters - cant attract a player like us in the early 90's.

  • They do it by only having to pay players a certain amount under the cap. Their long list of marquee players are topped up by TPA's (both registered and non-registered). They ensure the non-registered TPA's are never known about, like not recording them in board meeting minutes. 

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