After nearly 40 years of pain, the Eels can get stuffed :) I live in the Moreton Bay Area and am going all in on our local team and encouraging my 8 year old to do the same. I fear however he might already be too deep into the Eels vortex. Praying for deivine intervention to release him from this Vex.

To be fair my old man gave me enough warnings. He said son, follow the Eels and the following will happen:

1) You'll learn how to lose;

2) It'll build character;

3) You'll understand how false hope can rip your heart out.

He was spot on.

Cya fellow sufferers, it's been a journey :)

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            • Lol

        • Titans WTF??? Yeah that is out of the box...

          I used to keenly enjoy watching the Raiders as my second team after that 89 GF. They were a bloody great side to watch until the late 90s. Always supported the Eels but during our lull in the early 90s the raiders provided another side to celebrate with. 

          What a team they had - as much as I hate Ricky and the Raiders now, he was one hell of a half back.

          • Honestiy , I know it's not cool to wish bad on people , but well let's just leave it at that.  If there were 3 hitchhikers asking for a ride and one was Ricky , one was Ivan Millat and one was Bin Laden ,  I'd give Ivan and Bin Laden a ride just so Ricky had nobody to talk too. I hate him that much.  Bumped heads with him at Cronulla Leagues even before he came to Parra , I almost disowned our club when they hired him.  Absaloute dog of a human . Witnessed him spit on a woman at Cronulla . 

        • I have a hard on for the 49ers, I love the NFL and its fast becoming my favourite sport, even over rugby league. 

  • Ha, too funny. You know and we know you're not going anywhere.

    • It's too late for us both EAM 💪💪

  • Dolphins have a great coach. We have an imposter.

    • Bennett is a myth who gets extra help from the NRL and refs. B.A. is a super dud

      • Bloody Daz, another Johnny come lately jumping on my coat tails!!! Where you at in the bay, Daz, might have to catch up for a drink and a game!!

        • Anytime mate. would be fun to shoot the shit with someone on 1EE.


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