Idea,s on how we beat storm ?

Dirty bastards as we know . Will be a delight to see smith frustrated and smith under fire and bellamy getting the shits , how do we do that ? 

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  • Maybe a machine gun. LOL. 

  • Let the tyres down on their team bus   

  • Just get in their faces and frustrate them

  • SIMPLE we dont - One thing you can absoluely count on with Parra, is that if it is a BIG game that matters OR if we play The Storm in a big boys game - Parra will fold and run away like scared kids

    Parra is one of THE MOST GUTLESS clubs in the past 30 years

    In case you have been hiding under a rock - This is who we are

    btw - Parra has NEVER beaten The Storm yb the finals

    This isnt a final - but Parra should have had THIS game circled at the start of the year as their MOST important match of the Season

    To slay a dragon (metaphor) you gotta fight the dragon - until we can BEAT the storm in games that matters

    Parra will not go anywhere

    I blogged this after the last game in 2019

    For Parra to BEGIN to even contemplatte success playing against the big boys, in big boy games - we gotta LEARN how to overcome adversity and KILL the dragon

    Bellamy has Arthurs number as he was his one time assistant

    BA has FAILED MISERABLY in games of consequence

    It would be nice, however if you needed ant more reminders - I have  a ONE WORD ARGUMENT that cannot be disputed

    ........... P A N T H E R S

    more good news - if Parra fail - Raiders & Roosters wiln - Parra driops to 5th at precisely the wrong time of year


    • Welcome back Tele, hard to argue with your post. BA finals record is mediocre especially against Bellamy. I can't remember BA tactically having it over any coach and can't see anything changing next Saturday - I'm sure if Brian Smith was coaching he would be working overtime to work out a way to upset the storms rhythm, what will BA bring tactically v the storm? What was learnt from the same game last year? I doubt BA has the answers he relies on simple game plan

    • My bad - not really following NRL these days, watching from afar - so IT IS a final after all

      All other comments remain relevant

      My apologies 

      ps - I find RL has become boring and most of the plays are predictable - STILLHOPE PARRA WINS but cant see it - Hard core Eels & RL for 40+ years but due to LACK of skills and sponteniety I am now a HARD CORE NFL. UK Premier League and Aussie Rules fan - still download and watch LOADS of pre1995 Sydney Rugby League - before the advent of THE WORST RULE CHANGE - the brain numbing 10meter rule - the old 5m rulle games haveMORE skill & sponteniety - so still a RL fan

      Sating that Eels have ZERO CHANCE = and this is coming from a lifetime Eels fan that has not watched a game of RL for nearly 3 years - he final nail in the coffin was RAIDERS ROOSTERS GF and the bungling referees decision on the kast tackle so Raiders couldnt get their last tacklw kick away when attacking the Roosters line - Roosters scored match winner after that THE FOOTBALL GODS FINALLY PUNISHED ME ENOUGH NEVER TO COME BACK TO LEAGUE

      You 1Eyed eels are far more resilient than me - but an easy way for me to justify walking away was that I was 10ys old om 1975 when I fell in love with Parra - so for the NEXT 12 years = aged 10 to 22 - the perfect age for being a sports fan I rode the Eedls train thru the disappointments of 1975 1976 (fell in love with the headgear wearing Ray Price) 1977 x 2 1978 (best parra team NOT to make GF - saw Sterlos first game at SCG as a 16yo) 1980 with Arthur Beetson THEN 1981 and my life long love affair with BRETT KENNY and being at the SCG when Kenny dummied his way into history - The Gibson & Monie Eras - WEAlly & Brett in the early Origin ERA when ORIGIN was SO FUCKING GOOD then 1986 going to the GF - driven in to the game with Bookend No2 Terry Leabeater and Mark Laurie and being there when Parra had NO BUSINESS beating the Bulldogs as they had dominated Parra for the previous 2 seasons.........and a whole lot more stories than that

      My point is - NOTHING can beat time as Parra fan because I SAW & LIVED THRU all of it - Please somebody resurrect the 2001 Parra GF Team - what a fantastic side - see my YOU TUBE tribute and just fall in love with them again

      I've been spoilt and I CANT STAND the dysfunctional rabble MY EELS have become - I have gorged on Parra good times

      If u think I am a cynical and grumpy old man against my Eels - maybe just a spippet for my deep love has been revealed to you above

      Sadly MOST EELS fans have only known failure - I am one of the few living relics that indulged with Scanlens footy cards. making my own flag, getting autographs longing for the NEXT ISSUE of RL Week - loving Rex Mossop and Contraversy Corner - being scrared shitless at Lidcombe Oval & to afraid to wave my flag - Only the late 70's Magpies Team actually TERRIFIED me & so did their fans with Dallas Donelly, Bruce Gibbs Les BoydJoe Cool & Tommy Terrific

      You can only do that shit as an 11,12,13,14,15,16 year old

      AS John Lennon pnce said "I hope some day you will join me"

      I know the good times and can ONLY wish you resilient lifers with No GF memories nothing but SUCCESS

      But I still cant see Parra beating the Storm

      Much respect 1EyedEelers

      My Avatar is ME crying like a baby when Parra lost 22-0 to St George in the 77 GF Replay


  • Play our game don't play there's , play with intend , hard fast with runners following up Ann different angles at all times , play some football attacking we have always been guilty of giving them to much respect , alway worried about completing sets and matching them at there game we are not them 

  • Don't be predictable 

  • And for Sivo to stop coming in

  • One slight tactical change. Go to the edges early in our own half. 
    Simple right?

    The Raiders have the blueprint on beating the Storm and it's a surprisingly simple tactic. 
    Melbourne want the grind. Middle third only, set for set and eventually you make an error and they make you pay. Then they strangle you out of the match. 
    Raiders have beaten Melbourne consistently. Apart from the usual 1 percenters that every good team must do, The Raiders go to their edges early from inside their own half. Not as a tactic to score but merely as a yardage play. When done effectively The Raiders go 60-80m on a set. The Storm absolutely hate it and begin to panic. They can't grind you down and their plan A goes out the window. 
    Bottom line is you can't simply out enthuse Melbourne and go set for set. You must disrupt them, do things they hate. Going to an edge and using the ball inside your own half is something the Storm hate defending. 

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