Hodgson hungry to reclaim top dummy half status

I have always liked the signing of Hodgson, depsite the underlying fact that he was brought it in with the assumption Matthew Arthur takes over when his 2 year deal is up. Only concerns off course was the knees, as soon as he hurt his ACL i was concerned for his 2023. Then he decided to forego his 2022 season in order to fix his knee up 100%, it was unselfish in order to prolong his career, had it been his last year he probably would've toughed it out and came back mid way through 2022.

Hodgson has a wonderful footy brain, has a voice and has played in big games for both Canberra and England. We needed a player like Hodgson, a voice to calm things down, a player leading by example. Wish it was a few years ago but hopefully he can have at least one great year for us and can give his knowledge to Matt Arthur to make him the best Hooker he can be.


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  • Hodgson is going to be interesting. I've always thought we lacked a talker / pack leader who can gee up the forwards and mix things up when they are off. How he gels with the pack is key to a good year. 

  •  Pfff 

    Seriously Matthew Arthur..!

    Another one fast tracked and doesn't deserve it...

    If he was a standout I'd understand. Yes he has some ability but Nrl in 2 years..

    Anything is possible under daddy BA

    • He hasn't been 'fast tracked'. He's only just played his first year of Harold Matts.

      • You are right, he wont see the NRL field until late 2024 if that. He will be 20 in 2025 i believe, that is usually the age of blooding players.

        I reckon BA will play Matt in 2024 a couple games off the bench to get him ready for full-time 9, or even sign a stop gap for a year and ease MA into the role,

        Again, not saying it should happen or not, simply it is what i think will happen.

  • I am looking forward to see how Hodgson can influence our style of play. I hope he can be a key part with taking a leadership role with more flexible management of our forwards. I would not like to see the predictable one-up collision style in our game anymore and much better flow in ball movement. He could be a key change for us.

  • 😂😂😂🔜

  • The maurieene  derailment was said to be the single worst train disaster in history . Spain to France  she was overloaded and couldn't stop down the hill 

  • “I spoke to Brad about Josh and he's moved within five minutes of the Eels' training facility.

    “He was banging down the door to start training. He came a couple of days earlier and has not missed a session.

    Thats closer then 7mins away!

    • BA will now be moving in order to be first at training, cannot have someone being 2 mins earlier hahaha.

  • Matt Arthur hasn't even played SG Ball ffs, much less reserve grade. There's no way the club would be planning on him to be top 17 in 2025.

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