Hello again Carloeel, Snake & Fongy

The passing of Col prompted me to re-engage with 1EE.

Over a decade I've been on and off the site, always entertaining but sometimes interactions went past points of view and into personal attacks.... my fault at times too.

But hearing about Col's passing was very sad and reminded me we are all bound by our common love for the Eels.

I just wanted to come back to this big dysfunctional family and say hi.

Go Parra 

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            • Yes it's amazing the messages ppl get 

              • My wife gave her niece Samantha a ring. She  hadn’t seen for 10 years. The morning after Janeen died Sam found the ring on the floor in the middle of her bedroom. Coincidence?

                • Sluggy I need something very obvious like that 

                  butterflies are in the garden all the time 

                  I'm happy to go with a premiership too 

                  • Hey Carlo, sent you a friend request.  I have a mate that wants to pass some info on to you.  EE

                    • I can't find it ? I haven't had a friend request for yonks 

                    • I friended you 

                      I thought we were already friends 🤷‍♀️

                  • @carloeel2 sorry to hear the bad news, hope you're coping, pm me if you need a chat. 

                    I lost my auntie last week, cancer and carona to wash it down. She was the second oldest sister out of 9 kids. I rushed to my mums place to comfort her, she started showing me photos and I said "damn, why did it have to be the pretty one!" Made her laugh.

                    I think when my dad passed away, he stayed around for a long time until I matured. Think he saved my future wife and me in a car accident and saved me in many other situations. I think he has moved on now.

                    • That's interesting that some who have past stay to guide for a bit longer 

                       Thanks for the wishes - your poor mum 


                    • It could have all been in my head, but the feeling I was being watched over was too strong, my wife and I should have died against a power pole, but the car came to a sudden stop after being flung from one side of the road to the other. 

                    • Kurupt. I really believe that we all have someone,a dearly departed,looking over us. A guardian angel if you like. Have you ever made arrangements to go somewhere,meet friends,go out for the day whatever then change your mind because you feel something's not right. Only to find out later that there was an accident or incident where you would've been. Many stories have been told,over the years,about this "feeling" or 6th sense. I am a firm believer of it.

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